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Our focus as a reputable Lie Detector Test provider and as examiners is to provide our clients with clear and transparent information. We believe knowledge should be shared and want all of our customers to feel reassured they are dealing with qualified and experienced professionals. 

Our focus as a reputable Lie Detector Test provider and as examiners is to provide our clients with clear and transparent information. We believe knowledge should be shared and want all of our customers to feel reassured they are dealing with qualified and experienced professionals. All the answers are provided by our most senior examiner Mike Rumble. Mike is one of the most experienced examiners in the UK and a key member of the UK Polygraph Association. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any further advice or wish to make a booking. 

You can learn more about our examiners and video tutorials on how the Lie Detector Test works by visiting our resources section. All our information is verified in accordance of the framework set out by both the U.K Polygraph Association and UKAPPE.

Chief Examiner Mike Rumble advises on booking a lie detector test


A lie detector test also known as a Polygraph test is like a controlled scientific experiment which is conducted under a proven operating framework which combines analysis of physical changes in a person under questioning and correlates this with principles of psychology. A skilled examiner conducts the test and measures changes in such variables as heart rate, breathing and perspiration in addition to psychologically evaluating the person.

The psychological part of the test is used to identify the specific issues and formulate a physiological profile of the examinee. The the physical part (polygraph) of the test uses the technical instruments to detect signs of deception and verification of the truth. The examiner then combines their analysis from both the physical and psychological testing to draw conclusions and provide this in a professional report. The Lie Detector Test is used globally in personal, criminal and legal matters and in the UK with the success of such shows as Jeremy Kyle is predominantly used to resolve personal matters like relationships, false accusations and family disputes.

Making the decision to book a professional lie detector test is no different from deciding to see a psychologist or marriage therapy. Most clients when arriving to the point of considering to have a test conducted are at their wits ends with a problem or situation, whether it is specific to a relationship, family matter or longstanding historical issues. As it is something that you would not necessarily have come across before it is very important to understand what you are paying for and why. In the UK a professional test conducted by an accredited APA/UKPA examiner would entail in most cases around 2 hours of professional testing and would average £350 – £400 per person.

The main variants in providing our clients with a quotation are the complexities of the issue and the location. Where there is more than person being tested on the same day for the same issue e.g. a theft with two suspects or a couple both taking an infidelity test then the price per person can be less. When booking with us you are dealing directly with examiners who will be conducting the test so there is no agency involved and you know and can check the credentials of who you are dealing with. If a test appears to be too cheap then it is possibly fraud or if it is too expensive then an agency would be marking up the price to take commission.

The most important thing is to know who you are dealing with and like with any industry you need to be mindful when booking and make the decision when you are calm and well informed. We would not recommend booking the test in the heat of an argument as in most cases we would need a deposit payment to confirm the booking.

The accuracy of the test that we conduct has been statistically proven by the American Polygraph Association to be between 95% and 98% accurate. The results of over 6000 tests were recorded and where the test is conducted following the framework outlined above and orchestrated by a qualified examiner, then the benefits of conducting lie detector tests are far and wide. In the UK, we have a seen in recent times and through our good practise that there has been a recognised increase in demand especially for private relationship matters. As with any scientific test the accuracy lends itself to how well controlled the test is.

Having an experienced examiner, controlled environment, up-to-date equipment and the necessary credentials all support a more accurate test. If you were to book a test with an unqualified examiner or an agency who do not disclose to you the name of the examiner, so you can check it, then you are more likely to get a test conducted by someone who is not trained to report on or make accurate conclusions or ultimately conduct a lie detector test in the first place. We recommend that you check the credentials of the examiner by using the links on our website to the APA/BPA or by contacting us to make sure they are reputable before you make a commitment.

We only conduct polygraph tests in formats that have been extensively researched and are approved by both the U.K. Polygraph Association and the American Polygraph Association. These test formats are internationally recognised as the most accurate and are used by Law enforcement agencies and Government departments both here in the U.K. and abroad.The test question formats are either in a one question test format known as the UTAH test or a three question test format known as the AF/MGQT.

We have set up a network of private controlled and discreet offices which match the criteria to ensure a safe and accurate test can be conducted across most major towns and cities in the UK. We have permanent offices in London, Birmingham and Liverpool from where we travel to our other locations and in some cases where suitable arrangements can be made we are able to conduct tests at private residential addresses if required. The environment in which the test is conducted is extremely important and adds to the attributes which support the accuracy of the test.

Visit our locations section on the homepage or contact us if you would like to find out your nearest location. All of our locations are discreet and never obvious to the general public that we are testing there. This is to make sure our client confidentiality is never jeopardises as in most cases we are the polar opposite of going on television to resolve your issue so we would want to make sure you do not have any risk of your issue becoming public or local knowledge. When we visit residential locations we always arrive in unmarked vehicles with no branding and are mindful to protect the privacy of our clients.

First and foremost they have to be consenting to have the test conducted on them. When you initiate the process to book a test there will be a number of screening questions we will ask to make sure the person being tested is suitable, fit and able. We ultimately need the person to arrive in their normal self. The person being tested must be atleast 16 years or older.

The person being tested must withdraw from alcohol or any recreational drugs 24 hours before the test and you must disclose any medication which they may be taking at the time of booking so that we can advise accordingly. They should continue to take any prescribed medication at their regular dosage. Please visit our suitability test or contact us for a full screening as part of our no obligation free consultation.

In the first instance we always recommend that you complete a no obligation free consultation either by phone or email. The contact you make with us is entirely confidential and we are ICO registered. We do not hold any of your private information longer than necessary and always with your permission (In compliance with the U.K. General Data Protection Regulations (UK GDPR), tailored by the Data Protection act 2018. In any case you can remain anonymous if contacting by phone until you are confident that you wish to proceed. We will ask you to explain in detail the issue you wish to resolve during the consultation and also your able to ask us any questions so we can put your mind to rest.

We will also go through the screening process and once you are happy that you wish to proceed you can propose a date/time and we can advise a location that is suitable for you. At that point we will normally ask you to make a £150 deposit payment, as it is commitment from both parties that you wish to proceed and we will render our services to the best of our ability. We only accept electronic payment so normally by debit/credit card or by bank transfer to our client account. We will then send you booking confirmation email with details of the next steps. Our accounts team will contact you 48 hours prior to the test to collect the remaining payment although if it is a same/next day test you have requested we will normally ask you for the payment in full at the time of booking.

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will have sent you your booking confirmation with details of when to arrive, what to bring etc. When you report to reception you just need to disclose your name as in line with our client confidentiality procedure we will never ask you to publicly disclose to anyone that you are having a test conducted. Our examiner will meet with you and the person being tested if not yourself and guide you to the controlled studio.

Initially we will check your identification, ask you to sign a consent form. The test is video and sound recorded for analysis purposes. The pre-test interview can then commence. This is where the examiner commences with fact finding and begins the psycho analysis. On completion, the polygraph test (where you or the person being tested is connected to the equipment) takes place and all of the physical readings are recorded whilst questioning continues. Only the person being tested can be in the room at this time with the examiner. The final part of the test is where the examiner will draw conclusions.

The results will then be provided to the client verbally and we will transmit the full verified report with more detailed conclusions by email or by post where requested. We will always respect your confidentiality and will only disclose the results to the person with whom the booking is made unless you instruct us otherwise. If you have conducted the test of your own accord and wish to have someone contact us to verify that the test is credible and that you have completed it then we will provide you with a pass code for any third party communication.

In both cases they can be used to resolve issues which a related to specific intimate relationships. However, the infidelity lie detector test is more specific to looking at the relationship and whether the partner has been unfaithful through the relationship where as the sexual contact lie detector can be used where there is already an admittance of guilt but you want to determine the extent of the intimacy. e.g. the partner may have admitted to kissing the external person but you have your doubts and want to check if there had been full sexual intercourse or other degrees of sexual contact occurring.

Relating back to the infidelity test, a question can often be asked about sexual contact as part of the test but ultimately the test is focused on determining whether the partner has had an affair or been unfaithful. It is down to yourself as the client to outline what you would define as cheating in an infidelity test. For some people, flirtatious messages may be enough to constitute infidelity in the terms of what they have set out in the relationship where as others may not. It is very important that during the consultation and also in the pre-test interview that you make clear the objectives of the test. We will always assist to focus the test and the questions so that they result is clear to a resolution.

The example of what happened on the Jeremy Kyle show and also the nature of potential clients being distressed is why we would never engage in a showbiz type test. We believe that the client’s wellbeing is the most important thing in any case and if we were to ask you to do the test for TV purposes on the basis that your story would get more follows and views then it would be going against our ethos of integrity.

As a recognised group of examiners that help people across the UK we do not want to also offer any kind of credit services as it would be unfair to suggest to the client that the test would resolve all of their worldly problems and in turn they may find that they have a financial burden. Our tests are thorough and accurate but work as part of willingness of all parties involved wanting to resolve their matters and move forward.