The Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Our privately conducted infidelity lie detector test is the ideal solution whether there are accusations of cheating, suspicions through deceptive behaviour or unresolved longstanding rumours within the relationship. Typically the test is conducted at one of our controlled office/studios or at private residential addresses, where suitable.  The tests we conduct are focused on the objective of proving/disproving deception in relationship matters. 


What cases can it be used for?

The Infidelity Lie Detector Test is used to resolve multiple relationship issues from cheating whether in the form of physical contact, flirtatious behaviour or through extra marital affairs or to resolve longstanding suspicions.

What Happens at the Lie Detector Test?

The Infidelity Lie Detector test involves around 2.5/3 hours of testing and the examiner will spend extensive time initially with the client (person booking the test) to determine the questions, overall objective and background into the relationship. This will then be followed up by psychological profiling of the partner being tested or in cases of couples this would be focused on both parties. The test would then move to the examination room where the polygraph part of the Lie Detector Test will take place. The person being tested will be connected to various technical instruments which will measure physical signs of deception and this will be conducted in a controlled test environment. The final part of the test is the results sharing, where the examiner will present the results and finding backs to the client. We will then send you a fully verified report which is always checked by a secondary examiner so that you are comfortable and confident with the findings. The fully verified report is included in the price. We conduct a high number of private infidelity tests across the UK and they are the most common format for resolving the issues.

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The Infidelity Lie Detector Test is used to
Infidelity Lie Detector Test
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