5 Reasons Why You May Want To Take A Lie Detector Test At Home

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Giving our clients the option to do a lie detector test at home has always been an option we have provided at Lie Detector Test UK Services. We have outlined the following points to help you in making an informed decision on having a lie detector test on either yourself or on a third party.

1) You are worried about privacy

Many prospective clients who contact us are either quite active in their communities or living in a small close knit community so are worried someone might see them. We can reassure you firstly, that our tests at our controlled office locations are completely private but understand it could still be a concern.

2) Your partner is unwilling to travel

Your partner may decide that they do not want to go to an office and therefore may be limiting your options to get them to go forward with the test. In this case, you can suggest to them that the test can be done at home.

3) You cannot organise childcare

You may have childcare difficulties and require one of you too look after the children whilst the other is tested. We just require a quiet room with a table and two chairs when we arrive so you might find it easier to accommodate the children in another part of the house rather than have to arrange childcare while you attend an office.

4) You do not have your own transport

You may find that the office will require you to take pubic transport or travel some distance so may decide that you will save the additional travel costs.

5) You have mobility issues

If you have any issues with mobility, generally getting around or accessibility which may come apparent at some offices then we are happy to provide the test for you at your home address at no extra cost.

If you would like more information about any of our home testing services then please feel free to call our support line on 0203 9651755 or email us


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