5 Reasons Your Partner Should Take a Lie Detector Test

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We are often approached by clients who are distressed and looking for answers as they cannot get any sense out of their partners on issues which are hampering the relationship. Our team of experienced examiners have got together and helped produce the following blog to outline the common reasons which we would agree with that make it viable for a lie detector test to be a possible solution to resolve your relationship problems.

1. You cannot get a clear answer out of them

Quite commonly when someone has something to hide then they will be evasive in even the most trivial of matters as covering up one lie will always result in telling more and more. We would recommend that if your partner is not providing you with a clear and straight answer then let us provide some assistance. We will make sure the questions are worded correctly and maintain control to make sure we can get answers.

2. The evidence doesn’t match up to what they say

So you can see clearly that there is evidence of their whereabouts or actions such as messaging or visiting a location but they are telling you something entirely different. You may through a phone record for example have found that they have messaged someone but they are openly denying it or providing half of an explanation. We will gather all of the detail in the pre-test interview to make them revisit and provide accurate answers.

3. They are acting out of character

When you speak to them they may be acting like a shell of their normal self and quite often will be quick to deflect back any questions that you propose. We will spend time with them at the start of the lie detector test to isolate the matter to be resolved and at the same time provision for any anxiety, nerves or suppressed emotion around the issue. This will assist to align them back to a truthful path.

4. They are blaming you or picking at your faults

Quite often we find that the instigator who is at fault will as start to blame the other party for their misgivings as a way to hide their own lies. In the actual test only the polygraph examiner and the person being tested are present so we are able to take away the power they hold over you and get them to answer the questions directly.

5. You need to know for sure

Half truths can be as damaging as lies and it is quite possible that they have admitted to some fault e.g. they were out with a certain person but are not forthcoming in the full details of what actually took place. In this scenario, we would spend time with you before the test to know what you know already and then focus the test on the matters which need clarity.

If you feel that your partner is being unfaithful or cannot seem to get to the bottom of an incident that may or may not have took place then that is the ideal time to consult us. We offer a free consultation to all of our prospective clients and spend the necessary time with care and attention to try and assist. We help couples move forward into a truthful path across the United Kingdom. Our tests are always private and confidential and can be conducted at your home address or at one of our offices. Quite often you will find that the other party will also be distressed as hiding facts can cause a lot of mental disturbance and we find with a high number of couples where we have conducted tests that they are still able to move forward with the relationship as they learn the value of truth and the importance it carries in having a successful and longstanding relationship.

Please feel free to call us on 0203 9651755 or email our team directly at for more information.

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