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1) Lie Detector Test UK Services Limited is the UK’s largest polygraph company. We provide polygraph testing both in the UK and Europe, with dedicated offices, approved examiners and accredited trainers who are audited by the American Polygraph Association. All of our trainers and examiners have extensive experience in the investigation of deception through investigative interviewing and polygraph examinations and have been trained in those disciplines by internationally recognised trainers and organisations. Regular continual professional development training is mandatory for all of our examiners employed by our company and refresher and update courses are provided on a regular basis to ensure every examiner maintains the highest standards of professionalism in both their knowledge base and best practice techniques.

2) All examiners employed by our company have been trained at an APA approved academy and are members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) . This is very important to anyone who is considering taking a polygraph examination and we would urge anyone considering taking a polygraph examination to check on the APA website to make sure the examiner they are to be tested by is a member of that organisation. The APA are internationally recognised as the lead professional organisation that exists to provide training, model best practices and offer professional resources for the continued grow of ethical and evidence based detection of deception through the use of the polygraph. The APA membership consists of professional polygraph examiners, educators and researchers who share a common commitment to the public interest through the development, communication and promotion of valid and ethical polygraph practices. If your examiner is not a member and has not been trained at an APA approved school or academy then you should have absolutely no confidence in either their experience, training or ability to conduct a polygraph test and you should not instruct them. Checking out an examiner only takes a few minutes, simply go to the APA website (see above) and click on the members tab.

3) Our company also supports its examiners in obtaining membership of the British Polygraph Association (BPA) which is the original UK dedicated polygraph association and the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA) A pre-requisite of membership of both organisations is that all applicants have graduated from a training organisation accredited by the APA. Which in turn ensures that the examiner has been trained to the highest standard, is using the latest polygraph techniques and the examiner is committed to education within the field of polygraph testing. If you are considering taking a polygraph examination in the UK, we strongly advise clients to check on the BPA website and make sure the examiner they instruct is listed as a member.

4) Continual Professional Development (CPD) is crucial in maintaining the highest standard of delivery to our clients. Regular refresher and update training is supplied by the company to make sure our examiners are at the very forefront of developments in the research and best practice of polygraph examinations. We make sure that our training providers are both APA approved and leaders in the field of developing polygraph practice and training. Our trainers include past Presidents and Directors of the APA, lead training academies such as The Backster School of Lie Detection , Peak Credibility Assessment Training and the Assess group .

5) Lie Detector UK Services have their own dedicated offices in Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool and will shortly be opening a fourth office near Cambridge. If our office locations are not suitable we can arrange to use professional offices in most areas supplied by the Regus office group or provide testing at your home or business location, subject to suitability. When making home visits our examiners protect your confidentiality by travelling in vehicles that do not advertise or display any logo that would distinguish their vehicle from any other in the area and our examiners do not wear corporate logos and dress as smart casual so as not to arouse attention from passers bye or neighbours.

6) Our MD, Mike Rumble was the first UK polygraph examiner to be trained in by an APA school in Europe and has since commissioned Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) training provided by American instructors for the first time in Europe. PCSOT polygraph examinations are used both in the USA and the UK to monitor and identify further offending of paedophiles and other sex offenders when they are released back into the community, early from prison on licence. A Significant number of offenders have been returned to prison having undergone a PCSOT polygraph which has identified continued deviant behaviour or reoffending and has been used together with other decision making mechanisms by the National Offender Management Service (formerly the Probation Service) . in safeguarding the public from these offenders.

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