A Client’s Account On How The Lie Detector Test Saved His Marriage

The following blog was penned by one of our clients who has chosen to remain anonymous but wanted to share how the lie detector saved his marriage. He had contacted us again some time after the test and wanted to share their experience with others to hopefully help anyone else that was in the same boat. As client confidentiality is at the forefront of our approach, we agreed to share their story but to keep the author private.

I am writing to express my gratitude to Mike Rumble and the team as the experience was truly life changing and I think had a hesitated and not taken the action that it may have ended my marriage. My problems first started occurring about 4 years ago, my marriage to my dear wife had up until then been a relatively smooth one. We have young children so most of our time was focused around them and we probably did not get to spend enough time alone as we would have liked but apart from that the marriage was a reasonably healthy one.

In 2018, I started a new job with a law firm in Birmingham and as I wanted to impress the company with my attitude and professionalism I started coming in early and being one of if not the last one to leave the office on any given day. The new income was good and although it mean’t my wife was juggling more of the child care with her part time job it was something we had discussed before hand as we really needed the increase in income to help pay our mortgage and household bills. In my first year at the firm, I rarely took holidays and became quite engrossed in the whole company experience.

Later that year, an attractive eastern european woman had joined the office team and began working quite closley with me. The relationship was entirely professional to begin with and she just like I had done, was working late and putting in the extra hours to impress in her early stages of employment. There were several conferences we needed to attend as a team over the year and my wife had not raised an eyelid to me attending them as she knew that I was very driven in this new job and that I was trying to progress our family.

The Eastern European woman was in her mid 20’s and I being in my mid 40’s although a little flattered by the attention, did not really think anything of the extra attention she often paid to me other than it simply being kind of friendly. On one particular occasion, we were both in attendance at a conference in Nottingham and after the conference had finished, our team had found a pub in the vicinity and we had had some drinks together. Some of the team then left back for the hotel, whilst others including myself and the lady in question had stayed on and moved to a trendier wine bare in the main square.

My wife had text me that night to check in with me and I had told her that I was with the group and took a selfie and sent it to her. The picture had included the eastern European lady and a couple of others in the team. Later than night as I went back to the hotel with the rest of the group we had kind of ended up as the last two left and so I had walked down the hotel corridor with her on the way to my room. As she approached her room she invited me for another drink and I blankly refused her as I could sense where this was leading and the potential risks to my marriage.

The next morning, she was very off with me because of the rejection and over the next few weeks she barely spoke to me in the office. I think in rejecting her, I may have damaged her ego or some what surprised her. We did not speak again for 3 months or so and she later left the company. In around March of 2019, my wife received a message via Facebook with from this lady who stated that your husband had sex with me and had shared details of the conference which we had both attended.

I understand now in hindsight, that she may have actually been deeply disturbed or suffering some psychological problems as this was a bolt out of the blue for me and what it did to my marriage for the next 6 months was nothing short of a disaster. My wife had messaged her back to ask who this is and she had exchanged a further message with my wife but I was not to know any of this. Later that week my wife interrogated me about what happened at that conference and who I was with. I was not being secretive but did not really disclose anyone in particular and this brought a seed of doubt into my wife’s thoughts.

We had a very difficult period in our marriage after this as my wife was no longer trusting of me and at the same time I was feeling like I could not do anything to justify that I was not guilty as I had no contact or any information about where the lady in question was now. I had began searching online and looked for marriage therapists amongst other things but because of our breakdown in communication, my wife was unwilling to attend as she also felt rightfully she had done nothing wrong.

During my search for a solution, I came across a blog by Mike Rumble which outlined the kind of questions you can ask someone in what was know as a sexual contact test. This had peaked my interest and so I then reached out and contacted The intial phone consultation was very concise and professional and as someone under considerable stress, I really felt that I was put to ease. I could tell that many people most come to this point as a last resort but they listened carefully to my case and advised that the sexual contact test would be suitable for my problem.

I then went back and spoke to my wife and she agreed that we needed to somehow get this resolved or look at an alternative solution as it was tearing us apart. She asked if she could speak to the company to verify who they are and also to find out more about what I was going to part-take in. I provided the details and gave consent to Mike and the team to speak to my wife as they would not discuss the case without any given authority as in line with their data policies.

Moving forward, on the day of the test my wife attended with me and we arranged it at the office in Birmingham while we had child care in place. We were greeted at reception and duly taken to a controlled room. The examiner then spent extensive time going over our issue and then we discussed the questions during the interview part. My wife was then asked to leave the room and I was alone with the examiner.

I took a deep breath as I was connected to the equipment and told myself that I am telling the truth so have nothing to fear. I answered the questions clearly and truthfully and later that day was informed that I had passed the test as no deception had been indicated. My wife was present and I shared the results with her and felt immediately after that she finally opened up to me again. We could now discuss what did and what didn’t happen clearly. When I told her that the lady was only briefly at the firm and I had a feeling she had some kind of psychological problems… this time she accepted my truths.

If, like me, you are feeling trapped or isolated by some kind of false accusation then I would definitely recommend that you speak to the lie detector team. They conduct a thorough and professional process in verifying the truth and they treat you with respect and keep your matters private at all times. I cannot thank you enough for helping us move on in our journey together.

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