A recent survey revealed that only 4% of people admit to lying at least sometimes!

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Actually, that is not what the survey revealed at all. The results were that 96% of those questioned admitted to lying at some point and therefor in my opinion the 4% who denied lying, were in fact doing exactly that, lying to the survey.

How do I jump to that conclusion?

Just ask yourself, do you tell lies, who do you know that tells lies or when was the last time you were lied to? The answer probably is, me (you), most people you meet and recently. For one reason or another during their lifetime, everyone tells lies. It is just a case of some do it more often and convincingly than others or that some lies are seen as being socially acceptable, whilst others (lies) will have more serious consequences and are viewed as socially reprehensible.

How many children in their early years have gone to bed in anticipation of a man in a red suit climbing down a chimney to drop them of a load of presents? And how many children have told their parents that their homework was done, when it was not. These kinds of lies may leave us a little bewildered or frustrated but they are an ideal example of socially acceptable lies.

We usually either ignore lies or pretend that they have no effect on us until the particular lie that impacts on your life and that impact can have many faces. If you have been deceived by a fraudsters lies then the impact may be that you have lost money. If you have been lied to by a partner then trust in the relationship is damaged or destroyed.

As a partner of a recent infidelity examinee said after her husband had failed the examination, “I am not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you” If you are in a relationship there is always a reason why you suspect your partner is lying to you. Perhaps it is because their behaviour has changed? They answer texts away from your sight, have changed their daily routine or their wardrobe or have unexplained social media interactions or e- mails that have been instantly deleted.

For whatever the reason the rot of uncertainty has started to pervade your thoughts and your trust. And those suspicions, whether they are right or wrong keep chipping away at your thoughts on a constant loop in your mind. A polygraph examination is a reliable way of either substantiating your doubts or providing the assurance that they are unfounded. We help hundreds of couples every year to lay their suspicions to rest. If you find yourself in this situation then please contact us for a confidential discussion on how the polygraph can help you.

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