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Your intuition is warning you that maybe your partner gets involved in an affair at his workplace, and you can feel your partner is doing something wrong behind your back at his work. But it’s not wise to accuse him of cheating, without solid proof.

But, proving your partner is having an affair at his office can be extremely hard unless you work in the same place. As you can’t see his behaviour with his colleagues, how he interacts with them and what he does there, does that mean you have to live with this uncertainty?

No, you can catch your partner’s workplace affair by observing a few signs of his behaviour.

6 Signs Your Partner is Having an Affair in the Workplace

Workplaces are becoming the breeding place of new affairs. Here are 6 signs that will tell you that your partner is having an affair in the workplace:

Suddenly His Work Hours Increase

If your partner does a regular job on a regular schedule and suddenly their work hours change, they start to spend more on work. Then you can count it as a red flag. Perhaps they are spending more on work to spend time with someone special.

Now, probably their work is getting demanding, that’s why they need to give more time to work. But when getting late at work turns into a norm, you need to find out why. 

Committed to work is great, but if your partner starts to ignore you for their work that’s not a good sign. Maybe they are behaving like this for their new relationship, you need to look at the situation more seriously. 

Emotionally Cold at Home

Do you feel your partner becomes emotionally cold when returns home? Previously he used to discuss everything with you, but he doesn’t share anything with you. Especially, he doesn’t share anything related to his office now.

Then, you should start to worry. Maybe this is happening because he is investing his emotions in someone in his office. As he is giving all his emotional energy there, by the time he returns home he becomes emotionally cold and doesn’t show any interest in you. 

Always or Never Discuss a Specific Colleague

Either one of these two things happen. Either your partner is always discussing a specific co-worker. It seems that everything happening in his work is related to this one person. You feel he becomes excited and just doesn’t get tired of talking about this person.

Or, your partner totally avoids talking about a specific colleague, when you know they interact at work with each other. It feels like he intentionally omits this person in his conversations so you can’t feel the emotional intimacy. 

If you notice either of these signs, you can consider it as a red flag and you must investigate more about their relationship. 

Too Many Work Events

Another potential warning is suddenly their work events increase more than normal. When your partner develops a relationship with one of his colleagues, he will try to find excuses to spend more time with her. And work events are the best excuse to give because he knows, you can’t question that.

You must analyze it even deeper if previously he used to avoid these events. Notice if these work events overshadow your personal life, is he becoming absent in family events for the sake of the work events? And even he used to attend the events previously, analyze the frequency of these events. If the frequency is not normal, then you should take it seriously. 

Getting Enthusiastic About Work

Getting enthusiastic about work is definitely a positive thing. But you should consider it as a warning when his work interest starts to affect your relationship. Especially if earlier he used to hate his work, and suddenly things changed. Don’t overlook this by only thinking maybe he finally finds his interest in work. Yes, probably this is the case but you should know the reason behind this change.

He Doesn’t Take You in Work-socials

Hanging out with colleagues outside work is a great way to build genuine relationships with them and also a great way to get relief from stress. But if he never invites you to these gatherings then you can consider it as a red flag. 

And if he previously used to invite you to go along to his work-social and now never asked you to join, there must be a reason for it. You also should observe if he is prioritizing these over your quality time. Maybe he wants to spend quality time with someone else,

Signs Your Husband/wife Likes a Coworker

Your partner is behaving strangely and you don’t know the reason. It seems he is losing interest in you. Your partner is behaving strangely and you don’t know the reason. It seems he/she is losing interest in you. Perhaps he/she doesn’t show his/her care for you anymore, he/she doesn’t put effort into your relationship, and he/she loves to spend way too much time in his/her office.

And you keep wondering, what is exactly happening here? Your gut feeling is telling you that maybe there is someone else in your life. Has he/she started to fancy a colleague?

Maybe you are just over assuming, but you need to be sure. But how will you find the truth? You can notice a few signs on him/her that will indicate that he/she likes a colleague. However, you must remember having signs doesn’t mean he/she is fancying someone. If you find too many signs on him/her, you can have a discussion.

Let’s explore the signs-

  • Sudden change in his work appearance
  • Constantly compare any specific colleague with you
  • Other colleagues tease him with her name
  • He strictly forbids you to visit his office
  • He doesn’t introduce you to his colleagues anymore
  • He doesn’t love the homelife anymore
  • He stops discussing his work-life
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