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As an avid advocate for the wider user of the Polygraph Test in the United Kingdom, I have been actively engaged with a number of International partners. It is important in understanding the use of the polygraph across the world and then putting this into context. We currently provide commercial and private testing for clients and through my active campaign on LinkedIn I have been able to raise awareness Internationally to fellow polygraph professionals. It has been beneficial also to learn about their usage in their countries and I am appreciating of the knowledge they have shared with me so freely. I am writing this post to extend my thanks in particular to those Polygraph examiners I have mentioned below. My network on LinkedIn has grown considerably and I like to think that not only have we built new connections for lie detector test UK services but new friendships.

Alwyn De Jager:

Miriam Lizardi Amezcua

Alwyn Marais:

Barry Newman:

Marcus Antonius Tecson

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