An general update on recent Lie Detector Test’s conducted in Essex

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Essex is a beautiful county with major historical links to the Roman Empire with many ruins tracing their impact on the area as well as famous Colchester Castle built in the Norman era. The towns and cities of Colchester, Harwich, Clacton-on-Sea, Epping (famous for its forests) and Basildon have been poorly served in the past by the lack of professional polygraph examiners, so I was particularly pleased when our recent campaign resulted in bookings in Greys, Basildon and Colchester.

We are always disappointed when an examinee fails the polygraph test and always give the advice, during the pre-test stage of the examination, that it is still better at this late stage to admit whatever they have done and resolve the matter without the test. Unfortunately our client at the Greys test did not take that advice and when he failed his infidelity test it came as no shock to him.

The examination in Colchester was for a similar matter with the examinee being a female on this occasion. Her partner had become so what paranoid about the fact she was engaging in sexual relationships with a number of his friends, the paranoia being in her opinion fuelled by his continued use of cocaine. This cocaine use, she stated was almost in epidemic proportions in Essex. This lady was examined on the allegations and clearly passed the test. As part of our “duty of care” she was supplied with contact details for a number of support agencies in Essex both for psychological domestic abuse and substance abuse.

Basildon, which comprises of three original historical settlements , Laindon, Basildon and Pitsea and is the source of the River Crouch, was the backdrop for our final test on a dishonesty allegation. The examinee was keen to explain that he was nothing like the Essex boys depicted in the press and TV. His problem was the fact that £500 had been stolen from his bosses office where he had worked since leaving school. There was now an air of suspicion around a number of members of staff and the client volunteered to take a test and pay for it himself as a way of proving his innocence and putting him beyond suspicion. He held his boss in high regard and had always been grateful for being employed straight from school when so many of his peers had struggled to find employment. The client clearly passed the examination and armed with the examiner’s report he went straight back to work to present it to his employer.

He later contacted us and asked for a copy of the report to be sent direct to his employer, who had promised to pay him back for the examination fee and was considering asking other staff to take a similar test. So, Essex has provided a diverse source of polygraph examinations and traveling through the area we even managed a stop at Clacton on Sea to enjoy the local beach. We look forward to our next visit later this week to conduct those additional theft examinations.

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