An Update of recent Lie Detector Tests conducted in and around London

Tuesdays child is full of grace

Greys on the north bank of the River Thames, one of Thurrocks traditional parishes was the location of our first test today. The client had travelled from Basildon, where they owned a company supplying the building trades of Essex. The client had suffered a large theft of hired plant which was to be used on a construction site in Chelmsford and suspected one of his staff as being responsible. The examinee had recently moved to the company and he was keen to clear his name. We started off by asking the examinee if he had taken the property, if he had arranged with someone else to take the property or if he knew for sure who had taken the property. The examinee showed as being deceptive on the last question.

When he was presented with the results and after quite a long post-test interview, the examinee stated that he had overheard another employee talking on his mobile phone discussing where the plant would be prior to its delivery on site at Chelmsford. He had not mentioned it to the owner when the theft was discovered because the staff member concerned was known to be a friend of the owner and played golf with him regularly.

The examinee actually thought that the owner and the employee had arranged the theft with the intention of claiming on the insurance. The client was briefed on the results of the test and immediately returned to his office in Basildon where he apparently confronted his friend the employee with the disclosure from the test. Initially the employee denied the accusation but when he was asked to hand over his company mobile phone (as we had suggested to him in our debriefing) he broke down emotionally and admitted that he had conspired with some local travellers to steal the plant because he was in debt and was desperate. The client called to inform us of the result, more I think to confirm his integrity as he had been most offended by the suggestion he was involved in some type of insurance scam.

The Croydon borough of Broad Green was our next stop on Tuesday where again it was a theft allegation that need to be resolved. This time the business was one that had been handed down through generations. The owner was proud of his family business, cleaning windows, which had been started by his grandfather who had cleaning rounds in Fairfield and Waddon boroughs of Croydon. Over the years the family had grown the business and now covered all of the Croydon boroughs. As family members joined the business spread and now impressively covered a number of the Greater London towns including Bromley, Barking, Romford and Enfield.

The main payment method by the homeowners was to pay the window cleaner in cash and over the previous two months, three window cleaners with rounds in Romford, Enfield and Barking had been mugged and the days takings stolen. All three employees that had reported being mugged attended the Croydon office and each one in turn passed the polygraph test. The owner was actually delighted and was now able to move forward. He has also looking into our suggestion of taking mobile payments instead of cash.

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