Anthony & Mark – The Pre-Marriage Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Anthony and Mark were talking about getting married and during that conversation they agreed that they wanted a “clean start” so that no past jalousies or current suspicions would fester and later destroy their love and trust for each other.

The couple contacted our company and having explained their position, they wanted some form of assurance that a polygraph test would resolve the matter, once and for all. In essence their concerns were infidelity related, so the polygraph procedure was explained in detail and several questions later Marks only reservation was that his past love life would have an influence of his reactions.

Anthony had been openly gay all of his adult life, whereas Mark had hidden his sexual preferences and had married and fathered two children. Anthony was clear that all of his partners were known to Mark, who had been given a detailed history of Anthony’s relationships. Mark however had never had a public relationship other than with Anthony and most of his partners had been casual acquaintances.

The test was booked and both men attended the pre-test interview. Mark had been so worried that he would forget a particular encounter with a casual partner that he had drawn up a list of liaisons covering 12 A4 pages. We conducted the pre-test procedure and calmed Marks anxieties he requested to “get it over” first and was subsequently tested and passed with no deception indicated.

Anthony simply flew through the test, clearly being honest in all of his answers. When we gave them the test results Anthony remarked “I knew he would pass, he spent hours writing and rewriting his list so he would be sure that he had left nothing out.

The couple are to marry in December and they are both wearing White!

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