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If you’re struggling in your relationship, don’t despair. There are plenty of things you can do to get back on track. Sometimes, all it takes is some honest communication and a willingness to work through your issues.

However, if you find yourself stuck, it may be time to seek out the help of a professional. A qualified therapist can provide valuable insight and guidance, helping you to identify and overcome the challenges you’re facing.

If you’re looking for a therapist in the UK, we’ve put together a list of the best ones around. So whether you’re dealing with communication problems, conflict, or something else entirely, there’s sure to be someone who can help.

Don’t give up on your relationship – get the help you need to make things right.


Here are some of the best therapists in the UK:

[The therapists are not sorted in order, rather, they’re in random order. The therapists were resourced based on recommendations and reviews, please do your own research and checkup before scheduling any appointments]


Bay View Practice

Contact: Sabine

Sabine has several years of experience as a therapist with different organizations and businesses. These include managing my own practice in addition to working for a bereavement agency, university, detention facility, and relationship counseling agency.


Carol Featherstone Counselling

Contact: Carol Featherston

Sex and relationship psychotherapist Carol Featherston has 30 years of experience working with individuals and couples. She helps couples who have big issues in their relationship and having a hard time dealing with them.

Cbt Canary Wharf

Contact: Marla Stromberg

BCT focuses on a variety of relationship issues, including helping couples develop better listening and speaking skills, decision-making abilities, problem-solving abilities, and ways of expressing their feelings to one another.

Additionally, you will study standards and determine whether you and your partner share the same standards or if they conflict.

Christina Fraser Counselling

Contact: Christina Fraser

A highly skilled individual, relationship, marriage, and couples counselor is Christina Fraser MBACP. Her clients, both single people and married couples are primarily from the Lambeth and Clapham areas, where she has worked in her private practice in southwest London for more than 20 years.

City Dynamic Therapy

Contact: Rosalind Simpson

In-person psychotherapy and counseling are provided by Rosalind in Dalston, Hackney, London, N16 8HR, U.K., and online to people all over the world. AXA, AVIVA, Vitality, Cigna, Bupa, and Aetna are just a few of the major insurance providers that are accepted. You can also self-refer and pay privately. Rosalind provides a free initial 15-minute online consultation to go over your needs.

City Road Therapy

Contact: Kate

CITY ROAD THERAPY is a team of experienced psychotherapists, counselors, and coaches who provide talking therapies to individuals, couples, and families throughout the United Kingdom.

They offer a safe and confidential environment in which to navigate life’s challenges and improve your mental health, whether online via Zoom / Skype or in-person from our comfortable rooms in Islington, North London.

Cotswold Couples Therapy

Contact: Jacqui Kyne

Jacqui Kyne is passionate about fostering communication and fostering understanding between individuals so that they can be authentically themselves in all of their relationships.

She holds an Imago Relationship Therapist certification. She is thrilled to be able to offer the Imago process to her clients because it has had such a profoundly positive effect on her own relationship.

Couple Works

Contact: Kathy

Couple works is a team of highly skilled therapists who were all originally trained as psychodynamic couple counselors with London Marriage Guidance and Relate, founded Coupleworks in 2004. The organization has maintained its success and growth. Their therapists are compassionate and sensitive in their work with patients on a variety of issues. They provide a chance to examine and comprehend relationships and open up possibilities for change. Reflecting on one’s family history and other experiences that have influenced expectations for romantic relationships may be part of counseling in a secure and private environment.



East London Relationship Therapy

Contact: Ambika Shekhawat

A licensed individual and couple’s psychotherapist, Ambika Shekhawat provides both short-term and long-term psychotherapy. She received her training at Tavistock Relationships, a reputable center for relationship counseling and psychotherapy, where she also served as a visiting clinician and assessor.


First Psychology

Contact: Ben Lock

Individuals (adults, adolescents, or children), as well as couples, families, and groups, can receive therapy or coaching from First Psychology Scotland. He offers online sessions in zoom if you can’t make it to the center physically.

Fortis Therapy

Contact: Lynn

For therapy is a multiple location-based therapy center that helps people who are having a hard time with their lives emotionally. They have a total of 4 offices in different areas in the U.K., Which are: Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Hull, and Lincolnshire.


Harley Therapy

Contact: Harley Team

Harley therapy is a therapy center in multiple areas in the U.K. So many skilled and professional therapists and psychologists work for Harley therapy. They provide the best service in a very affordable price range.

Healing Therapy

Contact: Abbie

In addition to working with clients for the past ten years, Abbie has been engaged in psychotherapy for the past 26 years. She has received training in many different therapeutic modalities, such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and compassion-focused therapy.

Highgate Therapy

Contact: Selena Doggett Jones

Selena Doggett Jones is a specialist in sexual and reproductive health. She takes therapy sessions with couples and individuals face-to-face or online. She’s helping numerous clients with her best services.


Ian Tomlinson

Contact: Ian

In Cheadle, Cheshire, Ian Tomlinson provides counseling and psychotherapy. He was a client for his first psychotherapy session. He was a young man in his early 20s who was having a lot of trouble controlling his jealousy.

Isabel Davies Counseling

Contact: Isabel Davies

Isabel Davies is an accredited Psychotherapist registered with the UKCP and Relate qualified Couple Counsellor. She provides both couple and individual therapy sessions in a very safe and professional way.


James Johnson Counseling

Contact: James

James Johnson is a clinical counselor and mindfulness therapist who works with individuals, families, and couples in Basingstoke and Reading to overcome mental health issues.

Jigsaw Counselling

Contact: Heather Hailes Granger

Heather Hailes Granger is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and counselor with BACP accreditation. She’s been a therapist for 15 years and has worked at RELATE with individuals, couples, families, and children.

Jigsaw Therapy

Contact: Flora Blackwood

Jigsaw is an adult, family, and children’s professional service. They provide a secure environment in which to think and explore difficult emotions, accompanied by a sensitive and respectful therapist.


Karen Aram Therapy

Contact: Karen Aram

Karen Aram is a Relationships, Counselling & Psychosexual therapist in North London. She provides the specialist therapeutic and clinical support you need to explore. She works for people whose having a tough time in their relationships or personal life.


Langley Therapy

Contact: Caroline Nicholas

With more than 20 years of experience, Caroline is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and trainer. She teaches Levels 5 (Dip in Psychotherapeutic Counseling) and 6 in these fields (Dip in Clinical Supervision).

Her background includes employment with the NHS, Rape Crisis, educational institutions, a range of residential addiction treatment facilities, and private practice. Additionally, she has taught psychotherapy and counseling in a number of Further Education colleges.

Lighthouse Psychology

Contact: Kate

The quality of relationships in a family or other similar “system” of people who are closely related to one another is the main focus of family and systemic therapy. It functions by assisting those involved in communicating their experiences, feelings, and understanding of those of others in their system.

London Relationship Therapy

Contact: Georgina Holt

Georgina Holt is an experienced relationship and psychosexual psychotherapist. She is the best at her job, and she has been awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Couple Counselling and an MSc in Psychosexual and Relationship therapy.


Marlborough House Therapy Centre

Contact: Jenny Drewitt

Unfortunately, Jenny Drewitt is no more. Her business is to provide people with the best complementary health care, which will help them get better both physically & mentally.


New Frame Therapy

Contact: Lizandra Leigertwood

Lizandra Leigertwood is a trauma-informed psychotherapist and coach. She assists empaths in developing self-acceptance, recovering from emotional harm, and forming genuine, healthy relationships.

Nicholas Rose

Contact: Adriana Amorim

A reputable and experienced counseling and psychotherapy practice are Nicholas Rose & Associates. They take pride in being the top couples therapy provider in North-West London and offer a welcoming, compassionate, and judgment-free environment. The meetings, conversations, and listening that take place during the sessions are between them and you with the shared goal of paying close attention to your concerns and better understanding your own unique situation.

Nottingham Counseling Therapy

Contact: Chanel

As a yoga instructor, massage therapist, life coach, and hypnotherapist with over fifteen years of experience, Chanel is a proponent of a multidisciplinary approach to personal development and healing. She specializes in assisting those who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, OCD, depression, relationship issues, anger management, abuse, stress-related conditions, low self-esteem, and other issues.

Notting Hill Therapy

Contact: Marcus Gottlieb

Mr. Marcus Gottlieb is an experienced psychotherapist of humanistic and integrative orientation. Registered with the U.K. Council for Psychotherapy and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. People who struggle with their sexuality, Abuse victims & survivors.


Olivia Rowlatt

Contact: Olivia Rowlatt

Relationship and psychosexual therapist Olivia Rowlatt provides helpful, friendly counseling for couples in my cozy counseling office in the heart of Bath.

She helps couples in challenging situations find innovative solutions. Couples can explore all facets of themselves, their relationships, and their sex lives by being warm and approachable.

Olwen Jeffs Therapy

Contact: Helen Rice

Helen Rice is a Relationship Therapist & Psychotherapist in Bournemouth. She’s so passionate about helping people struggling with mental health and finally getting back to a happy life.


Relationship South Devon

Contact: Maureen Fanning

Two seasoned, licensed therapists with specialized training in relationship and personal issues run Relationship South Devon. In the South Devon region, Stanny Post and Maureen Fanning offer a reliable and private service. Our therapists are qualified to help clients who are single, in a relationship, married, having children, or in a group with mental and emotional issues.

Relationship Wellbeing UK

Contact: Yvette Wass

Therapy session with Yvette Wass in Doncaster helps people mentally get better who are struggling with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, or any related issues. She is trained with a master’s in Relationship Therapy and a Postgrad Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy, so you can expect an effective positive impact on your mental health when you take sessions with her.


s7 Therapy

Contact: Julie Fitter

Julie Fitter conducts private practice sessions in person in rented therapy rooms or using the online platform Zoom. She works with individuals, couples, or with people of any sexual identity.


Contact: Rehan

Sakoon is an Islamic counseling service that helps Muslim couples and individuals to resolve their issues and have healthy life. Sakoon has been doing this for several years now, and the whole team is very good at what they do.

Sarah Fletcher Couple Therapy

C0ntact: Sarah Fletcher

A highly skilled and experienced couples counselor and sex therapist are Sarah Fletcher. She has worked with individuals and couples for more than 20 years. She works in private practice in Central London and provides sex therapy and relationship counseling from her home in Westminster (Victoria).

Seren Dipity Psychology

Contact: Karen

To ensure that every person they work with receives space for reflection and consultation with specialists in their area of difficulty, all members of their team have committed to working in a team-focused manner and are willing to share their expertise and support one another. They take particular pride in their team-oriented approach to work, which is uncommon in many independent services.

Seren Dipity York

Contact: Sinead Tingley

Serendipity is a counseling office in the heart of the city that caters to the needs of its clients. In order to discuss how we can assist you, we offer free initial telephone consultation and strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours


Contact: Shirlee Kay

Shirlee Kay is a therapist with offices in London who specializes in couples, individual, sex, and fertility therapy. She works with individuals and couples to help them recognize the wealth of emotional intelligence and strengths they already have and apply them to make the best decisions.

Signature Therapy

Contact: Fiona

Since 2008, Fiona has operated a private practice and is a fully licensed and experienced psychotherapist. She is trained in transactional analysis and is registered and accredited with BACP. She abides by the BACP’s code of ethics as a member. She also incorporates other approaches, such as somatic, gestalt, mindfulness, and person-centered psychotherapies.

Start Therapy

Contact: Chi

To help couples and individuals improve their sexual lives, emotional intimacy, and physical relationships, Sex Therapy & Relationship Therapy provides sex therapy counseling. To assist you in overcoming your sexual difficulties, They employ a variety of talking therapies and adhere to the necessary professional codes of practice.


The Thoughthouse

Contact: Kate Moyle

The Thought House was founded with the express purpose of providing a wide range of society with highly experienced psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, and counselors. They are a dedicated organization that believes in the importance of mental health.

Totnes Counselling

Contact: Frazer Reid

Mr. Frazer Reid is an experienced counselor whose been healing people for over 18 years. He’s a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Trisha Higgs Counseling

Contact: Trisha

Trisha creates a stress-free, cozy, and unwinded atmosphere so that the patient and consultant can discuss challenging ideas and emotions without interruptions.

She works without passing judgment. No “blaming and shaming” is involved. Her fifteen years of experience working for the NHS have given her excellent people skills.

Trust Therapy

Contact: Joanne White

Joanne White is a relationship and sex therapist who is fully qualified and ‘Relate’ trained. When she first started studying psychology in 2001, she developed a keen interest in counseling and therapy. She began her training with Relate at their former Herbert Gray College in Rugby, Warwickshire, at the beginning of 2003. Relate is regarded as the largest provider of relationship support in the U.K.; it was formerly known as the Marriage Guidance Council.


White Lodge Therapy

Contact: Lyn Hemeury

The White Lodge Therapy Practice is dedicated to upholding and promoting ethical conduct and candor. All of our therapists operate within a professional organization’s ethical guidelines.

Wlchis Wick Counseling

Contact: Adriana

Adriana is a licensed counselor and psychotherapist who practices in Chiswick (W4) and is a test-registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Adriana sees both single clients and married couples.

She has assisted people who had a variety of problems and issues, such as anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, (PTSD), HIV, agoraphobia, bereavement and loss, relationship problems, suicide, eating disorders, addiction, sleep disorders, sexual abuse, obsessional behavior, cancer, and self-harm, among others.

Worcester Therapy Group

Contact: Rachel

Originally based in Worcester’s St. John’s neighborhood, Worcester Therapy Group was founded in 1991 under the name C.H. Counselling Services. Since its founding 30 years ago, it has greatly expanded its offerings, providing a comprehensive service to local singletons, couples, and families.

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