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Do you want to detect liars and save yourself from being deceived? Many people know the art of lying. They know how to deceive people with false stories to achieve their selfish motives.

Handling these people will be tough if you don’t know how to spot their lies. To become successful in your personal and professional life, you must know how to save yourself from these liars.

By mastering one simple technique, you can differentiate their lies.

Observe their body language!

Here are 10 body language signs that will help you to detect lies and deception:

Different Body Language Than Normal

When you decide to observe people’s body language, you first need to notice how their body behaves in any normal situation, which is their body baseline or mannerisms.

To notice anyone’s baseline, sit with them and talk about any normal topic, they don’t have to lie about. During the conversation, notice their body language, facial expression, voice tone, and how they hold their body. Once you pay attention to all these things, you will understand their body cues in which situation and how their body reacts.

If you suddenly notice someone is behaving differently than their body baseline, probably he is lying to you or hiding something from you.

Word Mismatched With Body Language

When someone is lying, their body language won’t match their words. Because our body tends to tell the truth even if our mouth is telling lies.

If you ask anyone any question and he says no, but his head is shaking, yes. Then the probability is high that he is lying. Because people’s body language is more trustworthy than their mouth, they don’t always cooperate while lying. Well, it can happen that he is not lying, perhaps he is nervous for some reason. But you can’t ignore the sign.

Anxious Eye Movements

Looking at people’s eyes while talking to them, eyes can reveal many things. When you are talking to someone and they avoid direct interaction with your eyes, maybe they are lying.

Many people are not experts at keeping their eyes normal while telling a lie. If someone is lying, they will keep moving their eyes. So if you notice anyone is averting their eyes from you or you keep them moving, back and forth then probably they are lying to you. Also, analyse if they have any fear or nervousness in their eyes. This can be another sign of lying.

Lack of Balance in the Body

Another crucial sign of lying is that they struggle to keep their body balanced during the conversation.

Lying makes people’s body systems nervous, so it becomes difficult for a person to stand still while lying. When people lie or try to deceive, they keep shifting or rocking their bodies while speaking. If you see someone moving, rocking back and forth continuously during a conversation, it indicates maybe he is lying.

Another sign of a liar is they tend to put more weight on one foot, you can notice many public speakers do this when they are not sure about the topic or lying.

Sweating Too Much

Telling lies makes people anxious; as a result, their nervous system can make them perspire more compared to normal.

If you see anyone perspiring too much while speaking, then it can be an indication that they are lying. So observe if someone is perspiring all over their face including his forehead abnormally as if they’ve done exercise or any heavy work, probably he is trying to deceive you and they are worried that you will catch it.

Well, it can also be the reason that he is not feeling well, but you have to be alert. Notice Their Blink Rate

By noticing anyone’s blink rate, you can understand more than you think. Blinking eyes are related to a person’s cognitive behaviour. So when anyone becomes mentally stimulated their blinking rate increases or if they are telling false stories and become anxious it increases too much.

When you can notice a clear shift in the rate of their eye blinking, perhaps they are lying.

Notice Fake Smile

Smile is the most pure form of emotion. People can’t easily fake it, but liars often try to use a smile as a mechanism while lying. When your person truly smiles, they don’t use their lips only. People smile with their whole face, especially when you notice wrinkles and a bunch in their eyes. So if you see anyone talking with you or praising something and you don’t see that spark on their smile, probably they are hiding their genuine feeling. Maybe they are lying to you.

Notice Their Blink Rate

Let’s imagine you are having a conversation with a friend that they have a clear idea of and you asking a question about that. However, instead of fluently answering the question with too many fillers he hesitates. This can be a sign that he is lying,

And another sign is using a long pause before answering the question, if anyone knows an answer, he should be able to answer that instantly. If you notice anyone taking a long pause or pretending to cough before answering that, then this is a that maybe he is hiding something from you or telling a lie.

Stammering or Repeating Words

If anyone stammers all the time then that is okay. But if anyone suddenly starts to stammer or repeat their words, then something may be fishy.

They usually stammer or repeat words when they try to figure out what to say next because they are trying to come up with a story that will sound authentic to you. So if you see anyone unnecessarily stammering during conversation, probably they are trying to deceive you.

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