Case Study: False Accusations on Social Media

Social Media can cause a snowball affect where false accusations are made against you

Carol had approached us towards the end of last month and appeared very distressed when calling our support team in the first instance. She had unfortunately been entangled in false accusations that she had stolen a mobile phone from a work colleague. We had advised her that we can conduct the false accusation lie detector test and that she should check first whether it was viable for her both financially and in terms of potentially resolving the wider problem. Her name and reputation had been severely tarnished within her workplace that and her wider network of friends. We explained that on completion of the test and on the basis that she passes it, we would provide her with a report which she could use to quash the allegations.

She was happy to accept the proposal and get the relevant assistance. As we divulged into Carol's case it appeared that there had been whats app (messaging) groups set up in specifically as a result of accusations that could not be substantiated and she had also been informed that remarks about her were made on Facebook. We reassured Carol that we could assist and provided the Private Lie Detector Test at her home address a week or so later. Carol passed the test and then decided that she would present the report back at her place of work and also to her circle of friends to help justify that she had not taken the phone and that the allegations were indeed false.

Lies often travel faster than the truth and in Carol's case as with many people we speak to, Social media plays a part in amplifying the stress caused. We are able to assist with such matters in a professional and appropriate way and would recommend that if you are suffering similar accusations that you take part in a no obligation consultation. We will always assist where possible to help you clear your name and where it is your word against someone else the lie detector test lends itself to helping quash the allegations before they spread through your network.


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