Case Study: Private Security Firm

The private security industry employs thousands of staff who protect our shops, steward at venues and provide mobile patrols and a host of other supporting activities. Our client, the owner of one of these businesses had worked for many years to build his business and it reputation. He had obtained all of the necessary registrations and qualifications that meant his business was now considered a serious player in the market.

During one of the company reviews it was decided to target high worth individual clients and knowing that the industry were always fighting an image whereby if any item went missing, the first suspect was the security officer, they included in their staff employment risk assessment, the need to be polygraphed.

We conducted 12 tests on existing employees who had applied for the position. All but two passed. One made an admission that he had taken supplies from a builders yard he was guarding, the other gave no response at all.

The client has engaged us since to conduct further tests as his business grows.

A person can work long and hard to build a good reputation, one bad employee can take seconds to destroy it.

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