Case Study: Private Theft Lie Detector Test

Our client was the owner of a local parcel delivery firm which he had started some 15 years earlier building the business from one man with a van to now employing 12 delivery drivers and 3 administration staff.

The company had long term contracts with High Street names and until six months ago everything was fine. Around that time the company started receiving complaints about items not being delivered. They conducted a process audit and confirmed the items had been received by them but certain high value electrical items that should have been delivered were missing from their warehouse.

The company had already paid for a private detective agency to follow their curriers and check that deliveries were being made and had also installed covert CCTV in the warehouse but nothing untoward was observed. Yet, over the weeks the theft of items continued and the client was in real jeopardy of losing major contracts.

We were instructed to conduct polygraph examinations on all of the staff and everyone passed. The owner was mystified and somewhat disappointed with the result, having been convinced that it must be an inside job. We reviewed each pre-test interview, every polygraph chart and every post-test interview and we were confident in our results. It was then that one of our team, who had worked on a similar case abroad, suggested that the management team, the owner and his son, the only ones above suspicion, should be asked to take a polygraph.

At first the client was stunned that we should suggest such a thing but he eventually agreed. The client passed his test. The son, who had supervised the deliveries and the installation of the CCTV left the company the same day. There have been no further thefts reported since.

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