Case Study: Relationship Lie Detector Test

Margaret, our client, had recently retired from teaching. She had lived alone for several years following the death of her husband but had now met a new partner. She owned her own home and her workplace pension meant she was comfortable financially. The couple had started to plan a life together but most of the plans relied on her accessing her finances.

Anthony, her partner, had two previous divorces, lived in a rented flat and worked in a local government office. Her suspicions were raised when he made excuses not to see her on two weekends and did not reply to her phone calls. Margaret was concerned that he was meeting someone else. He dismissed her concerns but didn’t offer any other explanation.

Anthony booked the examination in a last ditch effort to save the relationship. As he said on a number of occasions, “I wouldn’t waste my money paying for a test if I was going to lie”. The test was conducted and the client failed. During the post-test interview the examinee admitted meeting with one of his former wives who had stayed overnight on two occasions. He telephoned Margaret while we were still in the interview and confessed.

We always urge our clients to stop and consider before booking a test. We are all human; we make mistakes and hopefully learn from them but it is far better to openly if reluctantly admit your error to a partner. Far better than deceiving them right up to the point of a polygraph examination.


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