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Are you always faced with the nagging feeling that your partner is not being completely honest with you? Sometimes, it might be your overactive imagination playing mind games on you. On the other hand, if that niggling and uncertain thought just would not seem to leave you alone, then maybe the best choice would be to trust your gut instinct. In this case, it would be confronting the harsh reality that your partner is being unfaithful to you.

If that is the case, then the next step is to become an amateur detective on your own and try to unveil all the secrets that your partner may be hiding from you. Hence, this article will discuss the numerous ways in which you’ll be able to catch a cheater who tends to delete everything. 

This guide will also highlight certain red flags that may cause your suspicion and doubts to surface in the first place. Last but not least, this article will touch base on certain no-no’s that you should refrain from doing when you’re conducting your private investigation. 

Red Flags That Your Partner May Be Cheating on You

According to a renowned licensed family and marriage therapist, Lesli Doares, “Cheating is an art that is cloaked in secrecy.” This means that the person engaging in cheating would be doing all they can not to raise suspicion in their partner. In other words, they would be trying their utmost best to maintain order, control, and a normal appearance over situations and people.

Hence, when you suspect your partner is cheating on you, one of the first things that you need to do is look for changes in your partner’s behaviour. According to experts, cheating partners have been known to change their schedules or adopt secret activities and possessions so that they can keep their double lives separate. 

As such, we have listed below some key signs of strange or unusual behaviour that would be expected from an unfaithful partner.

Changes in Appearance

This could be either getting a new hairstyle or buying new clothes. From a general perspective, your partner would start getting more conscious of their overall appearance and trying to put more effort into improving it.

Suddenly Becoming Conscious About Body Image

Even though this sign may not always be alarming, it may still seem like a good idea to keep an eye out for this. Your partner may purchase gym supplements, get a gym membership, or even start dieting. All of these actions ultimately help them to appear slimmer and toned.

Delays in Response

They won’t be answering your messages and calls as promptly as they used to. If you call them, they might not pick up, or it might go straight to voicemail.

Changes in Schedule

Your partner might suddenly be working extremely long hours, always complaining and nagging about all the extra work they have to put in due to a super-strict boss or an extremely big and important project.

Hiding Their Phone

They would delete their call log or hide their phone in your presence.

Suppose these are some of the signs that you witness on a daily basis. In that case, it raises the possibility of you dealing with a cheating partner. However, you would still need more time to jump to conclusions as you would need more proof to build your case.

Digital Ways to Catch a Cheating Partner

Touch ID

Once you have gained access to your partner’s phone, the first thing you can do is look for a Touch ID feature or something similar. You can then add your fingerprint to the saved prints. In order to prevent raising suspicion, you can delete one of your partner’s fingerprints. 


Touted to be one of the cheekiest inventions of the 21st century, this software also comes highly recommended to catch a cheating partner. All you would need to do is install it on your computer, and your partner won’t even know that it will run in the background. 

The best bit is that it would be able to see the passwords your partner is using, recording all activities, pages they are browsing, and the emails and chats they are sending.

Location History

If your partner is using Google to search for locations, then you can go there and check your partner’s location history. For Android users, you can use the Google Timeline feature for tracking current and previous locations.

Hidden Photo And Audio Files

Besides hidden messages, your partner will likely be hiding photo and audio files. Suppose your partner is tech-savvy and knows their way around the latest apps and gadgets. In that case, they might be secretly embedding their images into other picture and audio files. 

As such, you might also need to step up your game to crack these innocent pictures and see what’s underneath.

Checking Their Trash Folder

While the general saying goes that everyone has a right to their privacy, if you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, then the trash folder would be the first place you should be peeking in. 

If your partner regularly sends flirtatious texts and photos to someone else, they might have forgotten to delete all their previous conversations. This would arm you with rock-solid evidence to confront your partner.

Check Cloud

To overcome the drawback of deleted pictures and messages, the Cloud actually comes to the rescue. After all, it’s quite likely that unfaithful memories may be stored in the Cloud. 

The basic ones include Amazon Prime, Google Drive, or iCloud, whereas the more advanced ones include Hide It Pro, Vault, or Keepsake Photo Vault.

Create a Fake Profile

Consider creating a fake social media handle to see if your partner falls for the trap. You could then consider going a step further by sending an invite and getting flirty to see their responses.

Other Sneaky Methods of Red-handedly Catching Your Cheating Partner

While the digital tactics of catching a cheating partner are undoubtedly useful, there are other psychological techniques that you’d also be able to apply. Suppose that you have managed to get your hands on some incriminating messages. You can then strike up a conversation about planning for a special weekend and gauge their reaction. Their initial reaction would tell you all they need to know.

Another option is watching for changes in their habits and trying to gather further information about them. In this case, try to engage in eye contact. If they don’t want to lock eyes with you, that is a dead giveaway that they are not being completely honest with you.

Major No-no’s

While it’s extremely important that you uncover the truth to get your peace of mind, it’s equally important to remain on the safe side. Hence, one of the first rules would be not to accuse your partner of cheating outright. This will provide your partner with a scope for manipulating you by changing the narrative. Or they might step up their game in an attempt to get you off their back. In certain cases, they might become extremely defensive or even violent.

Other than that, it may not be considered to be a good and safe idea to follow your spouse, even if it would be from a distance. If you really want surveillance on your partner, the best option would be to hire a private detective.

Bottom Line

Being unfaithful to your partner is always considered unacceptable, and discovering this fact makes it more distressing. Hence, by following the suggestions outlined in this guide, you will be able to equip yourself with all the skills and knowledge required to first identify a cheating partner and then catch and confront them. 

In addition, be prepared for any curveballs that your partner may throw your way to deter you. In that case, stay strong and hold your ground.

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