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Emotional cheating may not involve physical intimacy. However, it too can affect your marriage. Normally when people think about infidelity, they think about physical intimacy, but an emotional affair is also cheating.

By having an emotional affair with someone, your partner is cheating on you as they are breaching the trust of the relationship. And it can also bring trivial consequences for your marriage in the future.

What is Emotional Cheating?

Emotional cheating means your spouse is dependent emotionally on someone else more than you, looks for emotional support from an outside person and involves their emotional energy there.

Maybe they have developed romantic feelings and interest in them.

If you feel your spouse isn’t emotionally attached to you as before, maybe he is having an emotional affair. Emotional cheating can prove more dangerous than a physical affair as they have genuine feelings, not lust.

Difference Between Emotional Cheating and Platonic Friendship

How to differentiate emotional cheating from platonic friendship? Though both of them share a close bond and emotion they differ in execution.

In a platonic friendship, there will be no physical or romantic attraction, and your spouse’s friend won’t be a threat to your marriage.

But if they have an emotional affair, your spouse will have an unhealthy attachment with his friend. He avoids you and your well-being for his friend. Then maybe it’s more than friendship.

Signs Your Spouse is Doing Emotional Cheating

When your spouse has an emotional affair, you can guess it from several signs.

Here are 5 signs that indicate your spouse is emotionally cheating you.

Keep Secrets

Does suddenly your spouse start keeping secrets from you? When people have any kind of affair, they try to maintain secrecy so that you can’t get any clue about their emotional affair.

If your partner hides about their whereabouts or with whom he is talking too often, perhaps he is emotionally cheating on you.

Become Distant

When your spouse is involved in emotional cheating, he will create distance from you. They won’t show interest in you or try to know what’s happening in your life.

Because in mind, he is thinking about someone else.

Increase Criticism

When your partner is emotionally cheating, he will be guilty from the inside. To reduce his guilt, he will try to find faults in you so that he can justify his actions.

Another reason he does this is because he compares you with another person.

That person is special to him now he will see lackings in you.

Fade Emotional Connection

Another sign your partner is emotionally cheating on you is his emotional connection has faded. As he has another partner on whom he relies emotionally, he invests his emotions there.

When he isn’t dependent emotionally on you, he will lack an emotional connection with you.

Why Do People Do Emotional Cheating?

There are many reasons people commit emotional cheating. Knowing them will help you to prevent your partner’s emotional affair.

Let’s explore a few of them!

Lack of Emotional Support

When people don’t find emotional support from their spouse, they tend to seek it from outside. If one partner isn’t emotionally available, the other partner feels unfulfilled in the relationship.

So they try to find comfort in other people and get involved in emotional cheating.

Lack of Respect

When one partner feels disrespected in the relationship, they engage in emotional affairs to get the attention of their spouse.

Most people do this to gain control and boost their confidence.

Lack of Appreciation

People can also engage in emotional cheating if they don’t receive enough appreciation from their spouse. Everyone wants praise from their partners.

Especially if they receive this appreciation and praise from someone else, they will easily develop feelings and attraction toward that person.

The Impact of Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating can take a huge toll on your relationship. People sometimes take emotional affairs lightly, but the reality is coming back from emotional affairs is more difficult than physical affairs.

As the connection deepens with time and people do it more intentionally, the cheating partner doesn’t want to leave the new partner easily. This can even lead to the marriage ending in divorce.

Emotional cheating can reveal many unpleasant aspects of your relationship, including your faults and neglect in the relationship. If you can’t handle this blame game, then it can create issues for your marriage.

When your partner emotionally cheats on you, this will affect your mental health and sanity.

How to Recover Your Marriage After Emotional Cheating

At first, you may feel that recovering from this cheating isn’t possible, but if you are ready to give your spouse another chance, then it is possible to thrive in your marriage again.

Here are a few things you can do to save your marriage from emotional cheating.

Clear Conversations

To start afresh, you have to discuss the cheating with your partner openly. They won’t be comfortable at once; you must sit several times and know about their feelings and the reason behind their action.

It’s essential to know what’s going on in their mind before moving forward with them; this will also help you to build healthy communication.

Set New Boundaries

To survive your marriage, you must set new boundaries in your relationship that both partners need to respect. Boundaries like cutting ties with the third person, respecting each other, giving proper attention, sharing secrets, and so on.

Be Honest

Being honest with each other is key to the success of any marriage. By having an emotional affair, your partner has already broken your trust. For rebuilding that trust, you both need to be transparent with each other.

Wrapping up

Emotional cheating can leave your marriage broken, but it’s possible to recover it. If you both are willing to recover your marriage, you both need to work like a partner to bring back the spark again.

But you must remember, you can’t overcome emotional cheating overnight. To make things in your favour, you must keep patience, give time to the process and be willing to forget the infidelity and move forward.

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