“Everyone that I love, must have had some doubt about me”

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Lie Detector Test U.K. Services are able to supply office locations for Polygraph tests in every major town or city.

On this occasion we were in our Welsh office in #Cardiff for a test to be conducted on our Wales client following historical allegations of sexual abuse to his step-daughter.

The client and his wife attended the pre-test interview where they disclosed the following information about the allegations:

The couple had previously lived in North Wales with their three children. She had a daughter and son from her first marriage, he had a daughter from his previous marriage. The couple described the family as happy, just like any normal family unit. That happiness began to be interrupted once the ex-husband came out of prison and resumed his relationship with his children. The son remained the same, but the daughter slowly started to change. She would often criticise her stepfather for no reason and generally becoming awkward with the family unit causing regular rows.

One day, following an educational lesson aimed at informing pupils about sexual abuse, the daughter returned home and made an allegation that her stepfather had massaged her breasts. The following family row was abated two hours later when the daughter retracted her allegation and admitted making the whole thing up to split up her mother and stepfather.

Some twenty years later our Wales client was faced with further accusations. His stepdaughter had married and moved away from contact with her stepfamily, more or less on mutual agreement as every time she had contact with them it would turn into an argument of some kind. Usually the stepdaughter would accuse her stepfather of ending her parents’ marriage. This was in fact not the case and her mother had not met the stepfather until some two years after the divorce.

The new allegation was one of rape, which it was alleged had been committed on several occasions during her teen years, none of which were ever reported to either her mother or any formal body such as the police or teachers. The client was adamant that both the earlier allegation and the new allegation of rape were completely false. Both he and his wife were convinced that the accusations had been made out of spite, to stop him having access to his own daughters’ new baby who had recently been born.

The stepdaughter once more refused to make the allegation to the police, but prior to telling her mother and stepfather she had written to his daughter and made the allegations to her. The stepdaughter had warned her stepsister not to allow her father access to the baby.

Both the client and his wife went first to the Police Station and reported the accusation to them and then to the local Social Services, fearing that he would be labelled a risk to the new born child. The stepdaughter refused to be interviewed by either authority and declined to cooperate in any investigation.

Passing a lie detector test was the only thing that the client could think of as a way of supporting his claims of innocence, which was when he booked the test in #Wales with our company. The client passed the examination and broke down in tears. His wife moved to comfort him, almost unable to speak through his tears he said “Everyone that I love must have had some doubt about me with these horrible lies – you have no idea how that feels”.

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