Fake Lie Detector Tests and Unofficial Examiners



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N.B. The purpose of this article post is to outline the increased number of unofficial Polygraph Examiners currently exploiting the UK marketplace. We have received intel that there are examiners offering second rate tests at extortionate pricing (Anything over £500 for a standard infidelity or sexual contact test would be extortion.)

There are organisations which have strategically focused on Google Search rather than quality and client experience and thus had the main focus of exploiting distressed clients. Many of these companies are operating from overseas and have the only intention of extrapolating large amounts of money from people who are suffering from strain in personal matters.

We have also seen these companies openly plagiarising content from legitimate businesses and abusing google my business listings with extended and exaggerating their company size. We have made reports to the authorities and will continue to report to our community on our findings.

Our ethos is based on mutual respect for our clients and we aim to share knowledge so that you can make informed decisions and only proceed with a lie detector test in the UK if you feel that you can fully trust the company and know that the test will be conducted to match your expectations.

Telltale Signs of Fake Examiner or Fake Lie Detector Test Companies

1) Extensive Google Reviews - If someone had a private test conducted and paid to have the matter dealt with privately, would they be so open to leave extensive reviews on google? By simply clicking on the reviewer you can see that they have been computer or privately generated.

2) Google My Business Listings - If you find one company which has many listings with the same number or numbers that divert to the same office then this also is false advertising

3) No disclosure of examiners name - If the company you are speaking to cannot substantiate the name of the examiner conducting the test or indeed put you in direct contact with them before the test then this would be a tell tale sign.

4) The examiner is not accredited with the American Polygraph Association or is not known to their competitors. As with any service and with considerable investment into resolving your private issues you would want to check prices and services with a competitor. Some companies have the same number with two websites again to try and falsely entrap the client.

We hope this information helps you to make an informed decision and are more than wiling to assist if you have been a victim of such services.

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