Friendship Put to the Test in Leeds

We recently received a call from a man who wanted a Lie Detector Test near Leeds, who wanted to confront his friend about a serious issue and he thought that putting him forward for a Lie Detector Test was the only way his concerns would be answered honestly.

There is a saying – “you can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your friends” suggesting that our personal choice of friends is in someway a guarantee of their loyalty, honesty and compassion towards you. Whilst this is often proven by actions more than words, we are all vulnerable to so called friends who leave us both astonished and in some cases devastated by their

actions when they let us down or take advantage of our trust. This is a situation we often are requested to deal with and assist to resolve by conducting a Lie Detector Test.

Our Leeds client wanted a Lie Detector Test near Leeds so as his “friend” would have no excuses to avoid the appointment local to his home location. Our Leeds client was adamant that his best friend, who was known to exaggerate or embellish his involvement in any situation, like a good storyteller, was lying to him. He can look you in the eye and tell you a whole different version of the true events, even if you had been present at whatever he was talking about said our client. He was well known for it amongst our friends and in the past, we had laughed about his tales. This time however, the matter was more serious, and our client wanted to get to the truth.

Every Friday after work was party time for the client and his friends. They all met up at a Leeds pub where they would commence the weekend wind down, celebrated with a few pints and shots.

Over the years the friends started individual relationships and their new partners would always join the group on their Friday celebrations. Our client was in a new relationship and he invited her to meet his friends at one such celebration. Everything was going great said the client. I introduced her to the crowd, and she gelled instantly which was helped when she realised that she knew a couple of the other female partners and my friend who I want polygraphed.

As usual the drinks flowed freely, and it looked like the evening was going to be another drunken success.

Unfortunately our clients friend seemed to change in his demeanour as the night progressed and eventually ended up being little more than an annoyance to the group, walking around flicking peoples ears and putting his fingers in their drink and flicking it in their faces. Tempers began to flare and eventually the barman asked the friend to leave, giving him very little option to refuse. Our client would normally have gone with him as he had done on numerous occasions in the past but on this occasion the client was with his new girlfriend, who amongst the others had been really irritated by the childish behaviour, so he decided to stay with her and the other friends to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Later that evening our client started receiving a string of text messages from his friend taunting him that he had previously had sex with the clients new girlfriend who was known to be as he said “an easy lay”. Our client explained that he had been in relationships in the past with women and had later found out that they had been unfaithful during the relationship with him. On one occasion he had actually booked a wedding only to find out she was cheating.

He found his friends texts were just playing over and over again in his mind, so he decided to confront his new girlfriend about the allegations. She was furious at the accusations and gave an ultimatum of either believing her or the clients friend. Our client was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He knew his friend could be jealous at times and obviously he had a history of making the facts fit his fictional account. But they had been mates for years and he had stood by the client when his previous girlfriends had cheated on him. At the same time, his new girlfriend was the kind of woman he had been looking for and he had quickly developed strong feeling for her.

He was at a loss how to resolve the dilemma until he came across an online article on the use of the polygraph and he decided to see if he could obtain a Lie Detector Test near Leeds to resolve it. Once the test was booked, as is our usual practice, we encourage the examinee to contact us with any concerns or issues that they may want explaining about the procedure. This examinee took us at our word and called us numerous occasions prior to the appointment to speak to an examiner directly. Each question was answered to his satisfaction, which is an advantage we have over other providers, employing our own examiners of repute who speak directly with our clients and or examinees, is far better than receiving advice from some call centre operator with no more than a crib sheet of information to guide you through your answers.

The friend did attend the test appointment and failed the polygraph test. When he was informed of the result, he accepted it without question.

Choose your friends wisely and if you have an issue that you cannot resolve then please feel free to call us. Our advice is free.

If you are in a similar predicament, then please call and speak to one of our examiners direct. They will talk you through the steps we take during the tests and we can happily get you all of the answers you need.

Penned by Mike Rumble

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