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Primarily, we would like to take a moment and express our gratitude to Lie Detector Test and Mr. Mike Rumble for this invitation! It is an honour for us to have our guest blog here and we`ll do our best to be as useful as possible for all of you reading these lines.

In our next articles we will discuss in details the polygraph method and our professional experience in the field but before going there we would like to introduce ourselves. Assess Ltd. is the biggest Bulgarian company in the field of the psychological services related to the business sector.

We work in two main departments:

  • Corporate security and Criminal investigations

  • Organisational consulting and Training

Our team consists of experts psychologists and business consultants with years of expertise in the field of psychological assessment, analysis, personal and professional development within the corporate context. Our services are aimed to assist our clients in the process of selection and improvement of employees, organisational efficiency and corporate security.

Assess Ltd. is the biggest Bulgarian company, specialised in polygraph examinations and training. Our team includes criminal psychologists and polygraph experts with long professional experience and recognised expertise both at national and international level.” Tanya Dimitrova (Polygraph Examiner)

Based on our long collaboration with Lafayette Instrument Co. and the recently signed partnership with PEAK C.A.T.C., Assess Ltd. continues and further develops its activities as the exclusive polygraph training agent for BULGARIA and the authorised agent for training in EUROPE, ASIA and AFRICA.

All the courses we conduct with PEAK C.A.T.C. have the American Polygraph Association approval (accreditation). The students attending to our courses will have the prestige of the APA attached to their training when not all other International schools have it.

Recently, we commenced the promotional campaign for the new Basic Polygraph Examiner Training Course, which takes place on 28 May 2018 in Sofia (Bulgaria), organised and conducted along with our new partner – PEAK C.A.T.C.

In our next articles we`ll tell you more about this and other events we organise and will also share with you details regarding the Polygraph Method and the cases we`ve solved using it.

Thank you all for your time and interest in Polygraph and in Assess Ltd.!

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