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Relationships and handling them in the breakdown stage seem part of the forefront of our work on many levels. Primarily in the past 12 months we have seen a real hike of demand and put this down to greater awareness of the services we offer as an alternative to marriage therapy. We conducted research and consulted with a marriage therapist to provide our clients with an outline of how they can determine a health from an unhealthy relationship. In affect, at this point would normally be when you would need to make an assessment into the relationship and possibly seek third party support. Where there is evidence but no substantiated towards infidelity, adultery or any extra marital activity which you feel is a breach of trust then we can assist. Common examples are social media messaging or joining illicit dating apps without the knowledge of the other partner.


A Good relationship allows for individuality in terms of being independent without needing to satisfy the others needs. The opposite would be a feeling of being consumed by the relationship. This is normally met with a fear or little sign of individual growth and would possibly resemble lack of intimate moments due to paranoia.

Separation Anxietey

Feeling afraid to let go or constantly needing to know the whereabouts of the other partner are again a prime example the polar opposite would be bringing out the best qualities of the partner. This behaviour normally grows into controlling abuse and co-dependencies when left unaddressed for long periods.

We often find that the relationship has drifted along because of other commitments such as children or joint finances but that mind games of such have continued to errode the little light that was still there. We can assist with closure on older issues and help to reach a truthful level ground from which both parties can equally make a decision on whats best for their future.

70% of couples where we have conducted infidelity lie detector tests have managed to move forward and continue with the relationship despite the results of the test and this is mainly due to the truth permitting for new grounds of communication.

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