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We have added this post to our blog after gathering feedback from previous clients on what their most common query was when they were initially researching getting a lie detector test. Furthermore, with the emergence of rogue operators in the UK market it has become even more important to explain what in terms of accuracy separates us from such substandard operators. The general consensus between reputable and accredited examiners in the UK is that these kind of rogue operators that are now appearing online are doing damage to the credibility of professional testing and we want to make sure that you as a potential client is well informed on what makes a test accurate and what the difference is in paying for a professional test and paying someone who is not qualified and simply telling you what you may or may not want to hear.

How Accurate are Lie Detectors?

In order to understand accuracy you need to be able to look at the whole picture i.e. the environment, the examiner, the condition of the examinee and the equipment that is being used. When these conditions are met to a professional standard as set out by the American Polygraph Association then it is possible to quote an accuracy of 95%. The APA (American Polygraph Association) conducted a study of over 6000 tests whereby all of the correct procedures were followed and the examiner was of the required standard and were able to quote these figures.

The Importance of a Qualified and Experienced Examiner

All of our examiners are members of the APA and furthermore, In my role as the Chairman of the UK Polygraph Association I am able to make sure that continual personal development (CPD) training is completed. Our examiners are of the standard set out by the APA and through the high number of tests that we conduct, I can clearly state that we are vastly experienced to know how to handle a broad array of issues from relationships, theft, false accusations to more complex commercial matters. You can view our examiners at and learn about their particular qualities. We have also included videos showing us summarizing the tests that have been conducted and freely sharing the information whilst protecting our clients confidentiality. In any case, if you visit a website to book a lie detector test and the website has no examiners photos/video visible then this should raise the question “Who am I really dealing with?”.

In summary, to the main question “How accurate are lie detector tests?” the first part of the answer is that it is partly based on who is conducting the test and as I have outlined above you can clearly see that substandard examiner would have no idea of how accurate there lie detector test really is and this is worrying for the potential client and equally worrying for us as we do not want to see people to be ripped off or worse something to change the course of their lives by someone who is not qualified to be providing that information.

The Importance of the Environment


The environment in which the test in conducted is of equal importance when it comes to determining the accuracy of the test. We pride ourselves on using only offices which we have deemed to have a controlled environment and will always make certain requests when conducting the test at your private home address. If a rogue operator was to visit your home address and conduct the test with no bearing for the environment in which the test is being conducted then this would no doubt have an effect on the results of the test. In any case, if you are looking to have the test conducted at your private address and want to check it’s suitability then please feel free to get in touch with us.

The Condition Of The Person Being Examined (Examinee)


The person being examined (often referred to as the examinee) also needs to be correctly aligned to our practise in order to conduct an accurate test. Before you take a lie detector test we have a wide number of conditions which have to be satisfied. These relate to the use of illegal substances, medication and other contributing factors. If you are having a test conducted and no due diligence was carried out into the condition of the person being tested and they were simply just put through the process then this also would adversely effect the accuracy of the test . We would strongly recommend you to stay away from any examiner that does not run any checks with you nor probes the person being tested to measure their suitability in the pre-test interview phase.



The Equipment Being Used By The Examiner

The real equipment required to conduct a polygraph test is not cheap and requires a trained professional to use it effectively. Our equipment is regularly calibrated and we have process upon process to make sure that at the time of testing the equipment is taking accurate readings. We use state-of-the-art Lafayette instruments which are the same as that which are used in high level operations. From reports that I have received about the rogue operators on the market, I understand that some are using cheap and substandard equipment which can easily be purchased online and then ultimately feeding results back to their clients which they wish to here. This is a dangerous malpractice and fundamentally you cannot deem their testing process to be accurate.


I hope that this post helps you to understand what goes into the process to make sure that your Lie Detector Test is conducted accurately. It is important to reiterate the 4 E’s in Examiner, Environment, Examinee and Equipment as being the 4 main contributing factors to how accurate the lie detector test really is. We would highly recommend that if you have been previously or are considering taking a lie detector test based on price or website quality then you should really check and find out who it is you are actually dealing with? To some people in the modern market accuracy is simply a word/ploy to help them take your money. When you are taking a Lie Detector Test, you should be satisfied that all of the 4 E’s are the best possible and we can give you that guarantee.

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