How much does it cost to take a lie detector test?

The most frequently asked question we are asked is “How much does it cost for a Lie Detector (polygraph) test?”

In response to our answer we are often challenged by the caller as to why our fees are much higher than some advertised by other suppliers on the internet. So I have put this blog post together with the aim of answering that question and more importantly, to protect you the customer from the frauds, hobby examiners and purveyors of marketing dribble, that is aimed at one thing, manipulating you to believe that you are being dealt with directly with fully qualified, experienced examiners, when you are not.

I was personally trained by the world renowned Backster School, one of the leading polygraph training organisations in America. The founder of the school, Cleave Backster was a pioneer in the development of the polygraph and his research is still regarded as the foundation of the modern polygraph techniques deployed around the world.

Every examiner employed by our company was “head hunted” by me. They were employed because of their investigative experience, exceptional interpersonal skills and knowledge and legal qualifications.

Each of our examiners has been trained by the highly respected American Polygraph Association accredited trainers at the Backster School and by PEAK Credibility Assessment Training. Following qualification, they then received one to one supervision and mentoring which has continued throughout their employment to ensure the highest standards of professionalism are maintained.

When you search into the background of some of the polygraph providers advertising on the internet, you will often see the claim of being the number 1 provider in the U.K. or advertising at prices between £185 – £350. Of course as a customer you are at a disadvantage; websites can look impressive but at the same time hide the identity of the examiners. Why? Is this because they have never been professionally trained at an accredited Polygraph Academy or maybe they do not want to disclose their experience or lack of it by admitting their last employment was as a tax inspector, cinema operator, cruise line singer or radio station employee – they are out there conducting examinations. So please beware.

We provide a first class service built on an open, caring, professional relationship with our clients and we maintain that service level by employing people with integrity and through continual training supplied by the very best instructors including past Presidents of the American Polygraph Association. Our fees simply reflect the real cost of having your test conducted by a professional. Being invited to conduct a polygraph examination is considered a privilege. The outcomes can have serious consequences and we take that responsibility seriously. If you are thinking of instructing an examiner then please make sure they are professionally qualified and maintain their required training to stay ahead of the latest developments and techniques. Be aware of the cut priced charlatans and protect yourself from scams.

In the U.K. there is a full list of qualified examiners that you can visit The UK Polygraph Association and check that your examiner is a member. Members are required to have been trained at an American Polygraph Association accredited school and evidence their continual professional development training.

We hope that helps you in your quest and if you would like to have a free and private phone based consultation, then please feel free to call us on 0203 9651755 or e-mail with you details and we will schedule a suitable time. Our consultation is thorough, informative and we are active listeners so will make sure that you are given information and checked for suitability. When you speak to us… you speak directly to examiners not to a call centre or someone reading from a script. This is all part of the service we provide.

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