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We are focused on transparency with our clients and wish to disclose to our community what we feel are the fundamental elements in preparation for clients and those being examined alike. The polygraph and psychometric lie detector tests when conducted by accredited examiners operating under a strict code of ethics and under a stringent operating framework should yield accurate and substantial results to resolve issues. There is an importance on the client to be aware of the difference between the kind of preparation that can be productive and counter productive in resolving their issue using the Lie Detector Test methodology.

How to prepare for a Lie Detector Test as a Client

The client in affect is the person booking the test and this can quite often be a distressed partner, stressed individual feeling that someone has been evasive or someone who has explored all other avenues but cannot find a reasonable solution. It is important to remain calm as there are a number of companies which we identified in previous journals to raise awareness that are awaiting to exploit the state of mind of the client to close a quick sale. We do not recommend you make a decisions whilst under the stress of the conflict that may have arisen but better to make sure you are in a state of awareness either by waiting til the situation has calmed down or by making a non-commitment booking or enquiry available on our website.

Once you are certain you are happy to proceed then you should inform the person whom will be tested if it is not indeed yourself as in any case the subject person must be willing to take the test and understand that your are committed to have once conducted. There is a suitability test on the website where you can also check that the person you wish to have tested passes the basic pre-requisites although in any case we do not recommend you book the test and then wait for their approval as it would mean you would lose a deposit.

The next important element is the questions which are asked, we are often queried whether the questions can be discussed with the subject person i.e. should they know what they are going to be asked in the test? and there is no issue in them having awareness or despite the online articles such as “how to cheat a polygraph test” as we beg to differ with the use of psychological techniques in addition to the polygraph its not a case of simply beating the machine.

Finally, when you go to book your test make sure that the you speak directly to the examiner before the test as there should be no reason a non-agency direct examiner would not wish to speak to their client beforehand to prepare for the test. There is a link in the footer to check the credentials of the examiner on our website. After speaking to them you should feel assured in knowing the process and what will take place on the day of the test.

How to prepare for a Lie Detector Test as the person being tested

If you are the person being tested the time between a booking being confirmed and the test taking place can be a daunting face whether you have been deceptive or are looking to disprove accusations which have been placed on you. There is a lot of fake information online which can lead you to believe that you can cheat the test but just to clarify firstly that there is no method to beat the test as above because each test is unique and focuses not just on physical signs of deception but also psychological testing. You will never be 100% sure of all of the questions that an accredited examiner will ask you but they will be focused on verifying the truth rather than a spin of words to catch you off guard. The test itself offers key provisioning within the framework for such suppressed emotions as anger, depression or anxiety and again you should not worry about these creating an invalid result but just make sure the person booking has used a reputable company and spoke with the examiner. In some cases and always at the beginning of the test the examiner will take time to reassure you of the process at hand. You can also request with the person booking to be aware of the questions they wish to ask and know that this will not make any difference to the test but may make you feel more relaxed in the time from when the test is booked to the test day.

On the day of the lie detector test you should be calm and reassured that the process is proven and that if are truthful and calm with the examiner then there would be no reason for anything other than the truth to be uncovered. People often remark that the person being tested is very witty and clever and could trick the examiner but this is misunderstanding as the test is procedural and cannot be personally manipulated by any one individual.

We hope you found the article useful and please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more.

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