Infidelity, insecurity and then there were two.

Infidelity, insecurity and then there were two.

Our first examination of the week was in our Cheadle office near Manchester. The client had travelled from Hulme and attended with her friend. The issue to be resolved was one of an allegation of infidelity. The clients’ husband had moved out of the matrimonial home in Hulme to a flat in Rusholme, Manchester following a number of arguments with his wife over his suspicions that she was having an affair with a colleague at work.

The client attended with a list of questions her husband had prepared and clearly passed the test. The following day we were contacted by the husband who suspected his wife had sent a friend to sit the test in her place. We informed him that we had verified his wife’s identity prior to conducting the test but even this did not reassure him. When he made the call to us his wife was with him and following some discussion it was agreed that we would meet the couple at our Manchester office and identify his wife as the examinee we tested.

The couple duly attended the Manchester office accompanied by another woman, who was later identified as being the examinees sister. The husband left the two women in the car park and came into the office alone. He then asked the examiner to look out of the window and see if he could identify either of the women as the person who sat the examination. The examiner easily identified his wife and both she and her sister were invited into the office. During a further conversation the husband stated that he did not believe that the polygraph test was reliable, a friend of his from Bradford had taken a test with another company some months before and had told him that he had passed but had actually lied and effectively got away with it.

The upshot of the conversation was that the wife suggested he take a polygraph test, which he did there and then. What we were not aware of was the fact the husband had admitted adultery with a former work colleague which occurred on one occasion ten years previous in Wilmslow, Essex. The husband disclosed the one occasion of infidelity during the pre-test interview and the examination was conducted. He clearly failed the test and when he was informed of the result he admitted that there had been two affairs in his marriage, both disclosed to his wife but that he had held one admission back in the pre-test to check on the validity of the test. Needless to say, he now accepted the result of his wife’s test.


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