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After being inundated with new enquiries post lockdown, we felt it was important to launch a new campaign which is focused on raising awarness of the immediate and longer term affects of infidelity. There is not just one victim when infidelity occurs as there can often be multiple members of family who are pulled into a pattern of prolonged suffering. It was with this in mind that we decided we are really going to open all avenues to the pubic so that you can get the help you need.

We have found with couples have spent a considerable amount of time under one roof due to furlough or other covid-19 related circumstances that a lot of home truths have come to the forefront of their personal lives. Some of the stories we have heard have related to text messaging and others to full blown confessions on the basis that the evidence now that they were in confined spaces together was too big to miss. In most cases there is denial and you need to have something to substantiate what is or is not occurring and this is where we can come in.

In the coming weeks we will be post a number of client stories with the strictest confidence and anonymity on the client’s behalf. We aim to highlight just how damaging infidelity can be and also raise awareness to not only how our services can assist in resolving the matter but how our consultation process provides a framework to put everything into a fact finding process.

Please feel free to check out the #InfdelityHurts campaign video below and feel free to contact us anytime to discuss you cases in private.


In other news we are are really happy to announce our newest office location in Liverpool. The office is centrally located and is fully compliant with Covid-19 regulations. We are able to offer all of our regular services there and if you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call. Tel 0203 9651755


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