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Exploring The History Of Lafayette Instrument

Explore the exceptional legacy of Lafayette Instrument Company as a distinguished lie detector machine manufacturer based in Lafayette, Indiana. With a reputation for trustworthiness and quality, Lafayette Instrument has been serving the industry for years, offering a comprehensive range of products designed for efficient lie detector administration. 

For years, Lafayette Instrument has consistently stood out among lie detector machine manufacturers in the United States. The company has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence, becoming a trusted name in the industry. 

From cutting-edge software to portable chairs and laptops, Lafayette Instrument remains a frontrunner in the field. 

Company Founded In 1947

Max Wastl, a 16-year-old immigrant from Germany, arrived in New York with dreams of finding prosperity in the United States. After securing a job with Sound Apparatus and enrolling at Purdue University to study Electrical Engineering, Wastl displayed his determination and resilience. Despite initial challenges with language and limited formal education, he excelled academically and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1947.

After finishing his Electrical Engineering degree in 1947, Max started working for a big company. Because of his education and experience, Max became very confident in his abilities. Eventually, he decided to start his own business and become an entrepreneur. In 1947, Max officially founded Lafayette Instrument Company or LIC. 

Since its humble beginnings in an 8 by 10-foot shed, LIC has grown into a renowned company synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of polygraphy.

The Company Expands

Even though Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC) was a small company with limited funds, it achieved remarkable success. It grew rapidly and moved to bigger facilities. LIC became a leader in providing instruments for measuring the body’s physical responses. Initially, these machines were mainly used by schools and university laboratories. In 1954, LIC released its first promotional catalogue to showcase its products.

In 1965, Lafayette relocated to a new headquarters. Their main building is at 3700 Sagamore Parkway in Lafayette, Indiana. Between 1965 and 1975, LIC had to expand multiple times to meet the increasing demand for its products and accommodate new machines and employees. Around 1968, LIC had to explore the sports editing market because the sales of physiological recording instruments were decreasing. However, the market for these instruments picked up again a few years later.

Despite branching into different markets, Lafayette Instrument Company remained committed to its original focus.

Examiner’s Polygraph

In 1972, Lafayette Instrument Company launched its specialised “Examiner’s Polygraph,” designed exclusively for polygraph examiners. This product was tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals in the field. 

Over the years, Lafayette Polygraph has maintained its popularity by consistently incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its offerings.

Computerised Polygraph

Lafayette Instrument Company kept up with the times and made their technology better. When computers came out, they saw a chance to create a computerised polygraph. By making a computerised polygraph, Lafayette Instrument Company used the new technology to improve how they detect lies. In 1997, they reached a big milestone with their innovations.

2004 And 2006

In 2004, Lafayette Instrument Company made significant strides in expanding its business. They acquired a majority stake in MindWare Technologies, a software company based in Ohio. MindWare Technologies had a strong reputation for developing software solutions.

Later, in late 2006, Lafayette made another purchase by acquiring Acumar Technology, a company based in Portland, Oregon. Along with acquiring the company, Lafayette also gained the rights to the Acumar product line. Acumar is recognized as the only digital inclinometer approved by the American Medical Association’s 5th edition guide.

These two acquisitions and these strategic moves helped Lafayette Instrument Company enhance its capabilities and provide a more comprehensive range of solutions to its customers.

2015 And Onward

In April 2016, Lafayette Instrument Company took a significant step by establishing the PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center in Cape Coral, Florida. This training facility has played a crucial role in the company’s operations. The centre is managed by Ben Blalock, who oversees its activities and ensures its effectiveness.

In September 2016, Lafayette Instrument Company received the Small Business of the Month Award from Greater Lafayette Commerce. This recognition highlighted the company’s achievements and contributions for more than 75 years.

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