Lie Detection and Forensic Psychology

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Through our collaboration and research conducted with World Leading bodies in the fields of polygraph and psychology we have been able to determine a clear correlation between both fields and how they can intersect at the point of the Lie Detector Test. In criminology the use of forensic psychology is paramount in any interrogation or criminal investigation yet unlike the rest of the world the United Kingdom has been slower to adapt the polygraph element.

Recent media coverage: The Independent further justified that polygraph testing is finally gaining more much needed recognition in the United Kingdom as it is recognised by counter terrorists operatives in various other countries and used effectively as an interrogation technique.  It is currently used for Sex Offender Rehabilitation by the National Probation Service and we estimate that there will be significant growth in these sectors in the coming years. After much publicised data breaches it further underlined that for businesses also there is often a need to test potential employees as companies carry out work with more sensitive personal data and they would need to make sure that the person is suitable for any high level security clearance.

We have analysed this in detail and concluded that indeed the same level of strategy with a variety of tactics from both forensic psychology principles in criminology and polygraph test framework as utilised by Baxter School of Lie Detection would improvde private testing for such matters as infidelity, accusations of sexual contact and where marriage breakdown is specifcic to an incident or event.

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