Lie Detector Test Birmingham

Can I book a Lie Detector near me #liedetector , was the opening sentence spoken by our Birmingham #Birmingham client. The answer of course was yes. As the only Lie Detector company in the country to employ their own qualified examiners we can confidently say that if you require a lie detector test near you, #liedetectortest we are the Polygraph Company to call. The caller lived in #Leicester but was employed in a #Birmingham business and needed the flexibility when booking her test, not only by locating a lie detector test near me but also with the ability to provide an out of business hours service. We were and are able to provide both.

As we chatted about the issue she needed help in resolving it was clear that she had exhausted all other avenues of proving that she had behaved with integrity both during and before her current relationship. The client explained that she had fallen in love with a wonderful man who worked in the same building in Birmingham but also lived near her in Leicester. He had “trust issues” which she said he had told her about on the very first date. However, he displayed nothing but complete devotion to her and over the weeks she fell deeper and deeper in love, which she felt was being totally

reciprocated by him. Our Birmingham lie detector test client went on to explain that she had been raised to expect her future husband would be the only person she would ever have sexual intercourse with. She had no boyfriends in her teen years and following College she concentrated all of her energies on her University studies so she could gain professional employment.

Her first love was her present partner and it was only after he confirmed his commitment to her, by discussing marriage that she decided to lose her virginity to him. This was a particularly difficult decision for her to make, breaking with her cultural upbringing and sense of morality but she was totally committed to her partner and willingly engaged in a healthy sex life with him. As the months progressed the partner’s insecurity began to creep into their relationship. She continued to explain that somehow he got it into his head that the client was sexually aware and experienced and therefor everything she had told him about her upbringing, culture and morals about sex before marriage was viewed by him in ever decreasing disbelief. And importantly to him,

she must have lied about being a virgin.

A booking was made for a lie detector test in Birmingham and both the client and her partner attended the appointment. He declared his love for his partner but said his faith in her had been damaged because he had caught her out in a lie and then she had admitted having sex with a friend before later retracting the admission, saying that she had only admitted a fictitious event in the hope her partner would stop accusing her and forgive her.

The client interjected at this point and said she realised that making the false admission was a huge mistake but she had been under constant pressure to admit something she hadn’t done and had been given the reassurance by her partner that he could forgive a past sexual encounter but only if he was given the truth (as he saw it).

The test questions were formulated with the agreement of both parties and the test were conducted. The results were that the client clearly passed the test confirming that she had been a virgin up until the time that she first had sexual intercourse with her present partner. Following the analysis of the test results the partner was invited back into the room, where, with the client’s permission, the outcome was disclosed.

When I was asked by him, if I was sure (of the results) I confirmed that I was and that perhaps it was time to move on, after all, the client had shown her trust and commitment to the relationship not only by consummating their relationship but by voluntarily undertaking a polygraph examination #polygraph, so perhaps now was the time for him to show equal respect to her.

Sometimes you just have to say it as it is!

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