Lie Detector Test Case Study: Holiday Flirting or Sexual Contact?

With the holiday season almost over we are getting increased contact from couples want to know if their partner has been faithful during their vacation. Sun, sand, sea, music, alcohol and males and females wearing little or nothing can be a recipe for a wonderful holiday but the inhibitions can also be lowered and partners can feel very insecure about what on the surface appears to be trivial to the other.

Mason and Holly were looking forward to 14 days of relaxation in Malaga. They had a list of places of interest to visit and recommendations from friends and family as to where to dine. Mason made the booking for them both to undergo a polygraph examination following the holiday.

Here Mason explains his concerns. “Holly and I have been together for nearly five years and have lived together for the past three. Our jobs in the city (London) are full on and stress is an accepted part of the job. Working at my desk all day, over the years I must admit I have put on considerable weight. Holly works in the same company and she too had added a couple of dress sizes over the years. Honestly, that didn’t bother me one bit. She was beautiful when I met her and that hasn’t changed because of a few extra pounds. We have always laughed together and after I moved in, we did most things together but as I said, our jobs are full on, so most evenings we would just crash out at home watching TV. We booked our holiday early to get the best deal, probably about 9 or 10 months in advance.

As usual Holly took charge of the plans and of course that included sorting out what she would wear on holiday. One evening she was in tears because she had found out all of her holiday clothing from last year and the realisation none of the clothing, including swimwear, would no longer fit really depressed her. I tried to reassure her but she was so upset and we ended up arguing about our weight. The next day Holly announced that she was changing her diet, joining a Gym and enrolling on Yoga classes. I said I would join with her, except for the yoga but she insisted that she was going to do this alone and encouraged me instead to join a gym near to my office. I was full of good intentions. I paid the annual membership fee upfront to get the maximum discount and over the next few weeks I went three times.

I kept trying to get motivated but really, it wasn’t for me. Meanwhile Holly was really doing well. Over the months she lost weight and she was really pleased that she had toned up. Of course that meant a new wardrobe for our holiday. She had lost three dress sizes and looked incredible. When we arrived at our hotel I couldn’t help noticing that she was getting a lot of admiring glances. I suppose it was my paranoia but around the pool in her bikini it seemed as everyone wanted to say hello to her and she was off for hours some days chatting at the bar with other holiday makers, mostly men and or going to the hotel gym with a group of other women she had made friends with. I eventually got so jealous that we had a massive argument and she walked off, staying all night in one of her female friends’ apartments or so she said. I got absolutely blotto on Rum and Coke and not the kind you find in a bottle and the next morning I woke up in our room with another couple we had met and the sister of the man from that couple. I honestly don’t think I “did” anything but when Holly came back and found the four of us asleep on the same bed she went bananas. Eventually the others left and Holly and I spent the remainder of the holiday with her sleeping in the bed and me on the sofa. We have talked it through and we decided that a Polygraph test would help us come to some closure. She wanted to have one too because I had suggested that she needed to explain who exactly she had spent the night with.

Both Mason and Holly attended our office and were tested on whether they had any sexual contact with anyone other than their partner whilst on holiday. Holly passed the examination. Unfortunately Mason did not. Initially he contested the result of his test but two days after he actually telephoned to apologise and admitted having what he called “revenge sex” having felt Holly was off for the night with some unknown partner. Apparently Mason has now started going to the gym regularly because he has also found out he is going to be a Dad.

We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to publish their story and in the interest of client confidentiality we have used pseudo names.

Please feel free to contact us for more information if you are in a similar circumstance.

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