Lie Detector Test Cost

When we take an enquiry from a prospective client quite often the issue of price comes into the conversation. Understandably, everyone wants value for money whatever they are purchasing.

Some callers will quote prices that a substantially lower than our service costs and then query why our fees are higher. There is an old, yet fairly reliable saying “you get what you pay for!”

Never was that more appropriate in answering the question on cost.

All of our staff are highly trained professionals, with many years of experience prior to obtaining their polygraph accreditation, in investigating in search of the truth. They are supported by a professional team who share knowledge and experience openly and their work is always “peer reviewed” by our senior management who are also qualified interviewers and polygraph examiners.

Our company invest heavily in continual training and were the first UK business to engage direct the services of the American Polygraph Association accredited training school, The Backster School of Lie Detection, in providing training for the first time outside the USA at our European based training facility. That training encapsulated the Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) qualification for all attendees. This is the system of testing convicted sex offenders whilst they are on early release from prison and had never before been provided in Europe until our course.

The American Polygraph Association is the internationally acknowledged leading membership organisation in the world and we continue to contract training services from their accredited training schools and academies biannually to maintain our practice standards and keep ahead of changes and advances in the detection of deception.

No other company in the UK has invested more in the continual development of their examiners. Factoring the training costs is a fact of business life and is reflected in our prices.

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