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The refurbishment of our Birkenhead, Liverpool office has now completed and our newly decorated office is now open for business.

Birkenhead and the surrounding areas of Liverpool are well served by our bespoke offices, having easy access for the City of Liverpool and the following areas locally.

  • Ormskirk

  • Skelmersdale

  • Kirkby, Liverpool

  • Maghull, Liverpool

  • Crosby Bootle, Liverpool

  • Knowsley, Liverpool

  • Fazakerley, Liverpool

  • Croxteth, Liverpool

  • Airntee, Liverpool

  • Norris Green, Liverpool

  • West Derby, Liverpool

  • Knotty Ash, Liverpool

  • Prescott, Liverpool

  • Halewood, Liverpool

  • Widnes

  • Runcorn, Cheshire

  • Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

  • Begington

  • Wallasey

  • Everton

The good people of Liverpool and the surrounding areas have a long history of using our company to resolve their problems and we look forward to continuing that relationship in our up graded offices. I have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions often asked when bookings are made at our Birkenhead office but as always we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the Polygraph (Lie Detector Test) process and its suitability to be used in resolving your issues. So, if you

do not find the answer to your question below then please do give us a call on 0203 965 1755.

1. Is there free parking or a car park nearby?

Answer – Yes there is free parking directly outside the office with disability parking.

2. When we come to the office I do not want our appointment to be announced for anyone to overhear that we are having a polygraph test

We both value and protect our clients confidentiality so our offices are discreet

and have no signs advertising our occupancy on the exterior of the building. Only our staff will be in the building and you will be met on arrival. Incidentally, our staff do not wear corporate logos on their clothing so, everything is quite anonymous to protect our clients privacy.

3. I have problems walking upstairs, Is there any disability access?

Answer – There is ramp access from the car park and although our offices are on the second floor, there is a lift suitable for wheelchair access.

4. Can I bring my partner/husband/wife with me to the appointment?

You are most welcome to bring your partner/husband/wife with you especially if they have any involvement in the issues you want to resolve using the polygraph test. During the pre- test interview it may help if your partner/husband/wife is present so that the questions they or you want asking are discussed in detail and the ideally formulated tests questions are agreed. However, once the actual test process is commenced any third party would have to leave the office and wait in reception until the test process is concluded.

5. I am very nervous about meeting the examiner. Can I bring a friend to the appointment?

Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any concerns about

attending the appointment then please do tell us. If you would like to bring a friend or

relative with you, that is absolutely fine. All that we ask is that you inform us either before or at the time of the limitations on what can be said or discussed in the presence of the other person. If you are happy for us to talk openly and frankly about your test with the other person we would need your permission as we strictly adhere to the safeguarding of your information and data in accordance with our General Data Protection policy.

6. Is there somewhere my friend/relative can wait whilst I take the test?

There is a fully furnished waiting area on the ground floor with both food and drink vending machines, where your friend or relative can sit and wait for you.

7. Why do I have to pay a non-refundable deposit to book a test?

The first thing to point out here is the fact that we will never put any pressure on any caller to book a polygraph test. On the contrary, we are quite happy to discuss your issues and advise on the use of the lie detector without you booking. Having said that, our Birkenhead, Liverpool staff, both back office and examiners are professionals, trained to the highest standards and I am sure you would expect to be paid

for your days’ work or being available for an appointment where the client didn’t turn up, they certainly do. So, the deposit is taken to cover our expenses in preparation and

diarising an examiner as being committed to a particular client’s appointment. This often means we have to turn other clients away because our bookings diary is full.

Understandably we would be at a financial loss if no deposit was taken and then the client failed to attend the appointment. It happens!

8. Why do I have to pay the remaining fee 24 hours before the test appointment?

We will contact you 24 hours before the appointment to take the final payment for the

polygraph appointment. We do this firstly to confirm that you still want the appointment

and that you have not resolved the issue, thus not needing it and secondly, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, some clients simply do not attend their appointments and by contacting you 24 hours before the test we can both be sure of your commitment to attend and if you do not, then we will have been paid for the time the examiner has been allocated to attend the client.

9. What if I pay the deposit and then want to change the date?

We will always be as accommodating as possible to any changes to your appointment time or date, subject to our diary availability. All we require is that you inform us as soon as you become aware of the need to change the appointment, with at least 24 hours’ notice your deposit can be transferred to cover the new appointment.

10. I have looked on the internet and there is more than one advertising at a much lower fee?

Our team are without doubt the most experienced group of examiners in the U.K. today and I say that with some pride. You are absolutely right, there are so called examiners out there advertising at much lower fees. It is also right that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys! There is a massive difference in someone purchasing the polygraph equipment, attending an online course or moving from being a radio station executive one day to being a professional polygraph examiner the next. Many times over the years I have published my concerns about these so called examiners and as always, I would urge anyone who intends to book a polygraph test to ask and then check.


  • Are you a member of the American Polygraph Association?

  • Are you a member of the leading U.K. Polygraph Association?

  • What is the name of the polygraph examiner who will conduct my test?

  • How long have you been qualified and what did you do before qualifying?

  • Does anyone check your work?

Then check:

That they are registered on the APA website –

That they are members of the leading U.K. Polygraph Association –

"And if you are in any doubt then call us for advice, as the largest supplier of polygraph

examinations in the U.K. our Director, Mike Rumble, the current Chairman of the U.K.

Polygraph Association personally knows all of the truly qualified professional polygraph

examiners in the U.K. and his advice is unbiased and free."

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