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If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful your whole world can be turned upside down. The polygraph examination can assist you to resolve that issue but only with the guidance of a qualified examiner who, given the facts, can advise on the appropriate questions suitable for the test.

A client from Essex recently sent in the following list of questions she wanted her partner to be asked on a polygraph test:

1. Were you pregnant in xxx

2. Did you go to London for an abortion

3. Did you know who the father was

4. Did you fxxk XXXX XXXXX

5. Did you stay in XXXXXX flat

6. Were you with XXXXXXXXX that Friday

7. Were you with XXXXXX in Manor Park

8. Do you know when it started

9. Did it end in April

10. Do you know when it ended

11. Did you want to move in with him

12. Were you with a boyfriend in Turkey

13. Did you pay for hotels

14. Did you buy coke from him

15. Did he tell you to do explicit stuff in our house ( dominating)

16. Was it your idea to humiliate me in the pub

17. Did he have you with another woman

18. Did you spend any other night with him

19. Was he with you when you bought the XXX

20. Did you look at property with him

21. Have you disposed of the XXXX bank diaries in XXXXXXX

22. Are there photos from XXXXX

23. Have you disposed of them

24. Have you been unfaithful since then.

You can clearly see from the list of questions that this clients mind was in turmoil, with so many questions going around and around in her head. However, when you calmly analyse the situation, there are questions to be asked in the polygraph test that could give her closure but in the main the list was one that could only be answered by her partner.

We are regularly asked to use the following three questions on an infidelity test, which are more suitable for resolving the relationship issue. They are:

Since (time bar) have you had sexual intercourse with anyone other than your partner?

Since (time bar) have you had sexual contact with anyone other than your partner?

Since (time bar) have you kissed anyone other than your partner on the lips?

Clients usually ask the last question as being a passionate kiss. I do not think this is a question for the polygraph as passion is an emotional issue. And if you think about it, who do you kiss on the lips? Your partner of course and maybe your young baby but after that, who? Not your parents, your siblings or anyone else I would suggest.

To use an old saying “you sort the wheat from the chaff” during a polygraph pre-test and formulate the questions that will give you a reliable result and closure.

Please make sure your polygraph examiner is a member of the U.K. Polygraph Association which is your assurance that they are professionally trained and qualified in your time of need.

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