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We are often asked by clients during the free consultation, whether there questions are suitable and appropriate. We felt it was important to provide assistance and outline the kind of questions that can and those that cannot be proposed. There is a simplified way of thinking about the questions which can be asked in a Lie Detector Test and that is that they have to be specific to a particular incident, event or action having taking place. In affect, they need to about someones actions rather than someones thoughts.

A typical question which is often proposed and has to be rejected or worded into something more suitable is “does my partner love me?”. Love is an emotion and not an action so cannot be measured. The best way of explaining this is that if you asked if they love you then what would be the comparative and also it may be that at times when they feel unhappy they feel like the do not love you but then the feelings recur at a later time. We always suggest that questions are kept specific to the relationship and are as detailed as possible.

We have outlined some examples of questions that would be suitable for an infidelity lie detector test and explained in brief what makes them relevant and how they support and accurate and thorough test being conducted.

1) Since the beginning of the relationship, have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than (Name of partner)?

This question is very specific in terms of stating the period of time, the action that may have taken place and clear division that we are referring to the partner. There is a clear close ended answer which the person being tested would need to provide.


2) Since the beginning of the relationship, have you ever had sexual contact with anyone other than (Name of Partner)?

During the pre-test interview the actual meaning and definition of each word of each question is explained to person being tested so that there can be no doubt into their answer. Sexual Contact by definition for a man means a touching a woman’s bare breast, woman’s vagina, performing oral sex on the woman or masturbation. Equally from the woman’s perspective touching a mans bare penis, performing oral sex or masturbation on the man.

Kissing is not included in the above question and would need to also be defined in the pre-test interview as a ‘Passionate Kiss’ where there is a sexual desire and not simply a peck on the cheek.


3) Have you made arrangements to see another person whom you are attracted to either in person or via any other communication including social media during the period of the relationship?

The question is also very popular and normally relates to the stem or source of the problem as into where the suspicion was first raised. Online dating, flirtatious text messaging, contacting people by Facebook are all examples relevant to this question.

Our skilled and experienced examiners work closely with each client to make sure that their concerns are fully answered through the questions and remain focused on the objective. We would advise at any point, should you wish to discuss questions or whether the test would be suitable then just get in touch and take part in a free no obligation consultation.

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