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We have witnessed in recent years an increase in clients who wish to take Lie Detector Tests on the basis of false accusations which have later have been incorrectly reported to Cafcass often by a disengaged partner where the matters of a marriage or relationship break up have occurred but the issues have led to further ramifications for our clients.

We determined that in many of these cases that child care had often been removed whilst the matters were investigated by cafcass and child social services. It was far more suitable to keep the test child focused rather than on countering the false accusations specifically. We have had clients who were being falsely accused of verbally or psychologically abusing their children and the only accuser was the other party. However, as in many of these cases the primary carer will be presumed correct until proven otherwise.

Our clients were able to present the fully verified report which is always verified by 2 accredited examiners and outlines the specifics of the test in addition to psychological and poly-graphic conclusions. We can report that although not directly permissible to the court judge or magistrates, the case was indeed supported and they regained child contact on better terms on the basis of completing the test.

Child/Family courts can be a difficult and variable minefield as with high conflict or relationships which are beyond repair can have a direct impact on the child care arrangements. We are happy to assist and provide more information of similar client circumstances which we have assisted with.


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