Lie Detector Test Solves Theft Case

A middle aged couple were asked by the parents of the female to ‘store’ some money at the home address with a view to using the money to pay for funerals of the parents when that time came. The money was contained within a small safe which itself was placed in a cardboard box which in turn was taped completely to seal it. Mention was made over a number of years as to the

amount of money in the safe.

These amounts varied greatly from £90k to £50K. The husband, a respectable hard working gentleman, was tempted many times to take the money and set up a business to provide for his children. His intention was always to put the money back once his business prospered. Eventually after 4 years of temptation he opened the package to find a mere few thousand pounds which would barely cover two funerals. He knew at that moment that he had made a big mistake. He used the money to pay for a family holiday and worried himself that he now had to somehow repay the money and try to hide the fact that he had broken into the safe.

Matters came to a head when the parents asked for the safe to be returned. Once the safe was returned the theft became clear and it did not take much working out that somebody in the family home, or access to it, was responsible.

When the Polygraph company was contacted a thorough pre-test interview was conducted and all the options available to the family were discussed. Clearly this was a family matter but should the Police be involved then forensic analysis of the safe would be a good starting point in solving the issue. Once all the possibilities were discussed the husband admitted that he had taken the money thinking he could repay it quickly after starting a family business.

Once he admitted the theft he stated that the matter was closed and they would now resolve the issue as a family. The examiner suggested that there was possibly still an issue around the amount of money that was taken. Obviously the husband knew how much he had taken and the parent, hopefully knew how much there was in the safe originally. It was therefore agreed to polygraph the man on the amount that he had stolen. He was adamant that a certain amount was taken and not a penny more. He subsequently passed the test which was pertaining to the amount stolen. This went a long way towards resolving the issue and showed the importance of thorough pre-test interview. The client knew after speaking to the examiner that the truth in this case was easy to find and that it was better to be exposed as a man who had succumbed to temptation and admitted his mistake, seeking forgiveness; rather than a thief who was also a liar and who would divert attention onto others to avoid responsibility.

The family was grateful that the matter was quickly resolved in a sympathetic way.

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