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As recently reported in the National Newspapers it has been suggested that counter terrorism operatives working for the UK govt will now be adding polygraph examinations (Lie Detector Test’s) to their armoury in their global fight against terrorism. I for one, have been lobbying for such practises to be implemented over the past decade.

As Sky News reported:

“Terrorists could be forced to take a lie detector test to prove they have reformed and are not planning another attack, the government has announced.”

The polygraph test has for sometime now already been assisting with other areas of crime prevention and sex offender rehabilitation for one has been a successful roll out. There have been numerous reports in the news of Sex offenders being returned to prison on the basis of further testing of which the Lie Detector Test has played a critical part of the process. In light of such a roll out I believe similarly that in the cases for counter terrorism it would be used as part of and not solely as the only method of interrogation. We are a little behind our partners in the United States when it comes to the roll out of such methods as they have been using the polygraph test in National policing for well over 20 years.

As part of the Sky News report, they had interviewed Justice Secretary Robert Buckland who had confirmed that “Lie Detector tests were important to identify terror offenders” and that in particular with the case of Usman Khan (London Bridge attacker) he was indeed a ‘sleeper’ for many years. He had been released half way through his sentence and in effect disappeared of the terrorism radar and then resurfaced when he carried out the attacks. It is at the critical point of when they are under consideration for release that the Lie Detector Test would be most beneficial.

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