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We are pleased to announce that the refurbishment of our Birmingham office is now completed and open for business. It was once said of Birmingham that if you couldn’t find someone to make (whatever item) in Birmingham, then it couldn’t be made, such was the diversity of trades and manufacturers in the Birmingham area. Sadly Birmingham’s manufacturing base has declined as in so many other regions of the country but our office is a small footnote in history as the only Birmingham permanent base for professional polygraph examinations.

We opened the office in Birmingham because of popular demand across the West Midlands. Our aim was to find a suitable location which could be accessed by our clients at their time of need. Our registered office is still Covent Garden and we are still readily available across the UK through our other offices and also our network of remote locations. Furthermore, we still continue to offer our services for home based Lie Detector Tests.

In our experience, 50% of our clients prefer to have the lie detector test conducted at home and 50% at the office. If you do wish to have the test conducted at your home address then please feel reassured that we travel in unmarked vehicles and our services are discreet. Also, we do not need anything other than a table and two chairs and you must make sure the test is void of disturbance in any case. If you have children or pets, then it is good to make arrangements whilst the test is taking place.

Please note; we value and protect our client’s privacy in all of our dealings and to that end we do not accept “walk in appointments”. Whenever you attend an appointment at our Birmingham office you can be sure that no other members of the public or prospective clients will be present in the building, thus protecting your privacy. To that end, any signage is kept to an absolute minimum to again add to the anonymity of your visit.

Lie Detector Test – Birmingham & West Midlands

Address: 369 Hagley Rd W, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2AL

Phone: 020 3965 1755


Our Birmingham office is ideally located to serve the following Birmingham suburbs:

  • Acocks Green, Birmingham

  • Aston, Birmingham

  • Bartley Green, Birmingham

  • Bournville, Birmingham

  • Balsall Heath, Birmingham

  • Bearwood, Birmingham

  • Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham

  • Cotteridge, Birmingham

  • Edgbaston, Birmingham

  • Frankley, Birmingham

  • Harborne, Birmingham

  • Hopwood, Worcestershire

  • Kings Heath, Birmingham

  • Kings Norton, Birmingham

  • Kitts Green, Birmingham

  • Knowle, Warwickshire

  • Longbridge, Birmingham

  • Ladywood, Birmingham

  • Marston Green, Birmingham

  • Moseley, Birmingham

  • Maypole, Birmingham

  • Northfield, Birmingham

  • Olton, Birmingham

  • Sparkhill, Birmingham

  • Sheldon, Birmingham

  • Stechford, Birmingham

  • Solihull, Birmingham

  • Shirley, Birmingham

  • Shard End, Birmingham

  • Tyseley, Birmingham

  • Wythall, Worcestershire

  • Woodgate, Birmingham

  • Washwood Heath, Birmingham

Finally, these are the most frequently asked questions made when booking at our Birmingham office.

1. Is there free parking or a car park nearby?

Yes there is free parking directly outside the office.

2. When we come to the office I do not want our appointment to be announced for anyone to overhear that we are having a polygraph test, should I be worried?

Our offices are discreet and have minimal signage on the exterior of the building. Only our staff will be in the building and you will be met on arrival. Incidentally, our staff do not wear corporate logos on their clothing so, everything is quite anonymous to protect our clients privacy.

3. Your office is on the second floor. Is there any disability access?

No, unfortunately the building does not lend itself to providing a disabled access, however, we can arrange a nearby venue with disabled access at no extra charge.

4. I am worried that someone I know might find out about the test, is the information public that you hold on me?

We are ICO (Information Commisioners Office) registered and take data protection very seriously. All of our work is strictly confidential and does not enter the public domain. We only store your information for the purpose of the Polygraph Test and keep it for the minimum required time.

We hope that you feel reassured that you are dealing with a professional and experienced Lie Detector Test provider. Our objective is to continue our growth as the recognised Lie Detector Test company in Birmingham and help as many local clients as possible to resolve their issues and move into a positive life.

If you require any further information about our Birmingham Lie Detector Test office or would like to arrange a free consultation, then please feel free to contact us on our support line 0203 9651755.

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