Mondays child in fair of face – unless you were the examinee from Manchester or Leeds!

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Last week proved to be an extremely busy week for our team of examiners. Our first examinations were in Milton Keynes, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. In the Milton Keynes examination the couple involved were planning to marry but there were some issues that one partner wanted resolving before they could commit to the relationship long term. The examinee made additional admissions to the partner during our pre-test interview and having finally revealed all of the truth about their past, the examinee passed the polygraph test and the couple intend to continue with their wedding plans and hold a very extravagant wedding at a local Milton Keynes hotel.

Unfortunately, the polygraph test in Manchester was not so positive. The examinee denied allegations of infidelity but was shown by the test results to be with holding the truth. The Manchester examinee failed the test on having sexual intercourse with another person during the marriage, causing undue distress to his partner who had lived with the suspicions for several years and had even moved house from Liverpool to Manchester just to avoid the possibility of meeting the “other woman”.

Our Birmingham examinee had travelled from Worcester to attend our office and was keen to resolve a historical accusation of theft from his grandparents. The grandparents who also lived in Worcester, hadn’t exactly accused him directly but there was an inference that they suspected him of stealing cash from their home and he was at the end of his tether trying to think of ways to prove his innocence. As he said when he arrived, “I could never in a thousand years think that I would take a polygraph test”. Fortunately for him he did and he clearly passed the examination. He contacted us later and said that he had supplied the unique password we issue to each client (to protect access to their data) to his grandfather, who would be calling to question the test results. The call was duly received and the grandfather was satisfied that the results were reliable and conducted in a professional manner having researched our memberships of both the American Polygraph Association and UK Polygraph Association.

Leeds area of Harehills was the location for the final test on Monday. The examinee was the niece of the client. The client had recently moved from Chapel Allerton following the death of his wife, so he could be closer to family members who had lived in the Harehills area of Leeds for some years. During the move several items of jewellery of no particular monetary value but great sentimental value had gone missing. The examinee had a history of stealing from family members in the past when she was addicted to heroin. The clients home in Harehills was not suitable for a test to be conducted as it was in the process of being rewired, so the test was adjourned to a Leeds city centre location. The examinee failed the polygraph test and following the failure she admitted taking some of the items but not all. During the post-test interview she then made certain verbal errors in describing exactly what she had taken and when this was pointed out to her, her head lowered and tears started flowing. She then said “he has gone through enough, I did it and I took the lot”.

Although this was a nice confirmation of the test result none the less it was a sad ending for the family, who were really hoping they were wrong to suspect her.

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