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In many cases our clients have been able to move forward and continue with the relationship even after their partner has failed the lie detector test. We conducted a study to determine how this occurs as it is often assumed that the failure of the test would signify the end of the relationship.

What we discovered was that because the relationship had reached a new level of truthfulness that couples were able to put the past behind them and be more committed to each other. If we look at this in more detail it is clear that prior to the test the relationship would have eroded to an extremely low point.

The lies and deception would have caused a divide and brought upon the partner who was hiding their actions a number of negative traits such as being evasive, deceitful and in the classic cliche telling more lies to cover up the previous ones. For the partner that is the victim in the infidelity the heightened emotional discomfort and insecurities about themselves would have surfaced.

When the test process commences and the questions have been proposed, both the client and the accused partner have reached a significant point in the relationship as in affect they have passed the problem to a professional and a process that will determine whether the distress they are encountering is justified.

When the accused partner fails the test the initial feelings could be shock, despair and feel like the beginning of the end. However, we have found that when couples realise that they are now at a point of new truth and the past has been revealed, they can often put the past behind them and make a new commitment to be more honest to each other and build a new relationship on truth and begin to rebuild trust.

We would suggest that when you are in the process of considering a lie detector test to assist in resolving infidelity and relationship issues it is important to focus on the process and wait til you know for sure rather than letting your thoughts race into what if scenario. The basis of this is that in the interim you will cause unnecessary mental strain on yourself and feel anxious. It is understandable that as you are venturing into the unknown but at the same time if you focus on that you have instructed a professional and trust the process then you can detach from the problem and prepare for how you will react regardless of the results.

Our team are always on hand to assist confidentially and provide full and transparent information on the infidelity lie detector test so please feel free to contact us.

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