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In this era, cheating with a partner has become more common since anyone can connect with others within seconds via the internet. If you feel like your husband is acting differently lately and you suspect sexting, look for the subtle signs that we mentioned in this article and follow our recommended advice to avoid a complicated life.

What Is Sexting?

The word ‘sexting’ is quite new as it becomes widely known in this century as the internet and technology advance. When someone sends sexually explicit or sexually suggestive media or texts through any app on their electrical devices, it’s called sexting.

It’s usually a private matter for willing adults, but in most cases, the sender or receiver is sexting even though they have partners. That’s why it’s considered another form of cheating or digital cheating.

10 Signs He’s Sexting

There are some signs that most people who do sexting show, but don’t take these signs as granted, as indifferent people or stressed-out people may also show these signs.

Protective of the phone

Your husband may become overprotective over his phone; he won’t let you use the phone even if it’s an emergency.

Changes in behavior

When a person keeps sexting with others, their focus gathers towards that person and becomes more negligent towards his or her partner and their relationship. And if you see your husband become more inattentive about most family matters, he’s probably not into you anymore.

Frequent locking of devices

If your husband didn’t lock his phone much, but now he’s doing it frequently to stop you from going through his apps without his consent, it’s another sign that he’s hiding something.

Sudden interest in privacy settings

Your husband will have a sudden interest in privacy settings, and he might set passwords for every app individually. He may have turned off his notifications too.

Carries his phone with him wherever he goes

Another sign is that your husband is taking his phone everywhere; even if he’s going to the washroom or doing some serious work, he won’t leave his phone unattended.

Secrecy about online friends

Almost everyone has online friends nowadays, and we often talk about them with our close people. But if you see your husband being secretive about his online friends, he might’ve sexted with someone.

Overly defensive

He will be overly defensive of his belongings. For example, his phone, laptop, notebooks, and everything else that might contain any information about his cheating will be protected by him. He won’t let you touch those things.

Emotional distance

Your husband will get emotionally distant gradually. He won’t go on dates or have fun on weekends. He won’t talk about his problems or what happened when he was out. Also, he won’t praise you, admire you, or give you flowers or gifts like before.

Decreased interest in real-life intimacy

Since he’s having intimate moments with another person by sexting, he won’t be much interested in real-life intimacy with you.

Prefer being alone

He’ll prefer more time without you, and that’s why he’ll go out for groceries or walk in most free times to avoid interacting with you and to get more free time for sexting without interruptions.

How to React If Your Husband Is Sexting

If you find out your husband is sexting, it can be a very difficult emotional rollercoaster ride. But that’s more reason to react properly for your and your family’s well-being. Put your rage in check for a while and try to stay calm, as you may lose chances to make things right if you show tantrums right away.

Gather enough evidence before confronting your husband. Also, don’t approach him regarding this matter in front of others or when he’s busy or tired. When you find the perfect time without any distraction, tell him about how you’re feeling about his apathetic actions recently. Don’t blame him or let him know that you know about his cheating.

Even if he doesn’t admit his lack of care or doesn’t care about your opinions, try to stay composed and listen to his side of the story; as he can do it for his insecurity about you or to gain attention.

What to Do in This Situation

After confronting your husband comes the hardest part. He would either ask for another chance and forgiveness, or he would end the relationship right away. If he lies to you about chances and does the same things always, it’ll be even harder for you. So, here’s what you can do to handle this tough situation easily:

Seeking professional guidance 

Acting or deciding everything alone in this dire moment of your life has a chance of turning out to be a mistake. That’s why it’s better to seek professional guidance to lead you to a better path with their wise advice.

Relationship counseling

You both can go to couple counselling on relationships to sort out the problems, as most people can’t see the lacking points clearly where they both can improve when they’re mentally struggling.

Rebuilding trust

Since trust has been broken, it’s crucial to rebuild it, as trust is the fundamental pillar of any kind of relationship. You can take advice from professionals on how to rebuild trust and follow them properly. Spending good, fun times together and maintaining clear communication are top ways to rebuild trust.

Individual therapy

a man taking personal counselling

Along with couple therapy, you both can go to individual therapy to work on your mental health on a deeper level. You both may need different types of therapy to heal, so individual therapy is important.

Deciding on the future

Once trust has been broken, it can break in the future more easily than before, no matter how hard you try to rebuild it. So, decide on some rules like no phone use after 10 p.m. for both of you or something else to make things simpler.


If your husband doesn’t change after several chances, counselling, and therapy, you better file for divorce as sexting is another form of cheating. And if someone doesn’t change after a few chances, he won’t usually change and torment you mentally. So, make sure to put your well-being at the top of the list when making the decision.

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