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Did my wife cheat in the past? This question can come into your mind if you are doubting her loyalty. Maybe you are thinking if she did infidelity in the past, she can also do it now.

But, this is not essential if your wife forgot her past relationships and hid her past mistakes, it won’t be a good decision to discuss this matter with her. But if your intuition tells you that she is having an affair with someone, then knowing her history will help you to catch her infidelity.

11 Signs That Can Indicate That She Did Infidelity in the Past

She Hides Her Past Relationships

If your wife hides about her past relationship, then it can be a sign that she cheated in the past and wants to ignore this. Well, the reason can also be that she has past traumas from her past relationship. That’s why it is not pleasant for her to discuss it.

But there is also a possibility she is secretive about her past affair because she is afraid that you will find out about her infidelity.

Her secrecy may indicate that she is hiding something from you.

She Avoids Introducing You to Her Friends

Another crucial red flag that your wife had cheated on someone in the past is that she never willingly introduced you to her mates. Obviously, her mates are aware of her past infidelity and introducing you to them can disclose her secret.

Perhaps for this reason, she is keeping her mate circle and social life away from you so that you can’t find any way to know her truth.

Her Past Relationships Ended Suddenly

Another way to know about her infidelity is to ask how her previous relationship ended. But remember you need to ask in a tricky way as it’s a very sensitive issue, your questions must not hurt her.

If your wife can’t answer properly and all of her relationships ended suddenly, then it is probably an indication that she cheated in her relationships. And if she told all of her past partners left her, maybe they left because they caught her cheating.

She Hides a Certain Phase of Her Life

How to find out that your wife has cheated in the past? A very effective technique to know about it is to observe, is there any phase of her life she never wants to discuss? She hid that totally from you, you don’t have any clue what happened in her life during that time.

If talking about that time makes her nervous and anxious, then maybe she got involved in infidelity during that time.

Well, it can also happen that she went through a tough time, that’s why she doesn’t speak about it.

But if you are suspecting her, you must find the truth to become sure.

She Always Suspects

If she always keeps suspecting you without any reason, then maybe she cheated in the past and is now afraid you will do the same thing with her.

Because a cheater considers others as cheaters too. Maybe she probably faced cheating in the past. For this reason, she is having a hard time trusting you. However, you can’t ignore this, it can be a sign of her infidelity in the past.

Her Thoughts About Infidelity Have Changed

Did your wife’s opinion about cheating suddenly change? It can be a sign that she had been involved in infidelity at some point in her life.

Probably that’s why she believes cheating is not that bad and people can cheat unconsciously by mistake. Maybe because she did this in the past, now by saying she is justifying herself.

Notice Guilt in Her Eyes

Whenever you discuss infidelity with her, you notice guilt and regret in her eyes. It’s probably a sign that she committed infidelity in the past, but now she regrets it.

Because discussing cheating reminds her that she cheated on someone in the past. That makes her uncomfortable, and the guilt reflects in her behavior.

Detachment From Past Friends

If your wife previously used to have a large circle of friends, but suddenly she severed all ties with them. Plus, she doesn’t disclose the reason with you, this can be a sign that she may have been unfaithful in her past.

As her close friends are aware of her past history, now she is avoiding them. Well, the reason can be something else too, maybe something happened among them that she doesn’t want to disclose to you.

However, if you are suspecting that she is being unfaithful to you, to discover the truth, you must find out the reason.

She Got Angry While Talking About Her Past

If your wife gets angry whenever you try to discuss her past relationships, then it can be a sign that she is trying to hide something from you.

Especially if her ex was good to her, then maybe she was the one who was the culprit. She became angry because she didn’t want to recall her cheating. Discussing her past makes her uncomfortable and afraid that you will find the truth.

She Got Defensive While Mentioning About Infidelity

Does your wife suddenly become defensive when you mention infidelity? Does she react like you are accusing her? If the answer is yes, then probably it’s a sign that she cheated with her past partner or cheated with you in the past and discussing this topic makes her anxious.

If she did it, then notice if she is always justifying infidelity, maybe she is doing it because she did the same thing in the past.

She Openly Flirts With Other Men

If you see your wife flirting with other men in front of you, it may be an indication that she cheated in the past. Flirting with others while committed to you reflects her lack of commitment and respect for your relationship,

So there is a chance her previous relationships broke up for her behaviour or she got involved in infidelity. And if she is flirting with other men in front of you, you must openly discuss it and know her purpose so that you can work together to build a healthy relationship.

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