9 Signs Your Husband is Cheating or Having an Affair

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Why do husbands cheat on marriages? Many factors influence them to cheat like lack of love, misunderstanding, need for more and sexual desire can influence extramarital affairs. 

In this modern world, cheating is becoming much more common among married couples. This painful problem can destroy your relationship, break your trust and can impact your emotional well-being forever. 

And if you are doubting your husband is cheating on you, you mustn’t jump to any conclusion based on that. But it is also equally necessary that you don’t ignore the signs in the early stages before it gets too late. 

Is Your Husband Having an Affair or Cheating on You?

Your husband’s affair will definitely leave you in pain and cause your heartache. If you have a gut feeling that your husband is cheating on you, then noticing some red flags will help you to ensure. 

Knowing about the affair early will help you to save your marriage, if you are willing to give him a second chance. And even if you want a divorce, it will save you from long-term deceit. 

Now, let’s explore some of the signs that indicate your husband is having an affair or cheating with you. 

He Creates Emotional Distance From You

When you are suspicious about your husband’s affair, you should check his emotional attachment to you. Because men tend to create emotional distance from their wives if they get involved in another relationship. You can consider it as the first sign of their affair. 

Because it will be hard for him to invest equal emotion with two people at the same time, ultimately he will give you less attention over his new girlfriend. And the main reason why your husband will avoid emotional connection with you is because he is afraid to spill out the truth unconditionally. 

Significant Changes in His Behavior

Suddenly you notice significant changes in your husband’s behavior and attitude toward you, then don’t entirely ignore it thinking maybe it is because of stress or work. Yes, changing behavior doesn’t always have to be related to affairs but you have to pay attention.

When your husband is having an extramarital affair, sometimes it will make him stressed, guilty and angry and you can observe this in his behavior. He will even start to criticize you and create problems with you so that he can blame you. 

He Will Become Secretive

Another prominent sign that your husband is cheating with you is that he becomes more secretive about his personal life. 

When he is cheating with you, he will hide his personal and professional schedule from you. He will also start to hide about whom he is interacting with inside and outside his work. As electronic devices play a crucial role in today’s affairs, you must pay attention if he becomes more secretive about his electronic device.  

Some of the things you can notice are-

  • He is deleting his phone calls and messages
  • He doesn’t pick up a call in front of you or leave the room 
  • Hiding his screen from you
  • Receiving calls and messages at an odd time

If he is doing all of the above things, then you should suspect him and find out what’s happening in his life. 

He Will Become Unavailable

When your husband is cheating with you, it will become tough to contact him. Especially when he is away from home. They will often go for official trips but don’t share the exact location or any details with you.

When your husband has an affair, he will forbid you to call him during work hours. He will make excuses like he has a heavy workload, he has important meetings, he will remain busy on weekends. He will always insist you leave a message so that he can call at his convenience. 

Four Physical Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Another method to be sure whether your husband is cheating with you or not, observe their body language because it will indicate to you if he is involved in another relationship. 

Here are four physical signs that your husband may be cheating on you:

He Will Lose Sexual Desire

When your husband has anyone else in his life, he won’t be interested in you anymore. So he will try to avoid sexual connection with you. You can try to take initiative too but if he isn’t interested at all then you can consider it a red flag. Your sex life is not normal probably because he is getting it from somewhere else. But you also need to consider that maybe he is worried for some reason and that’s why avoiding you. You need to find out the actual reason.

Notice His Appearance

Has your husband become more aware of his looks? Well, it’s definitely a positive thing that he becomes more conscious about his appearance. But you need to be alert about a drastic change in appearance. Maybe he is trying to impress someone special.

You need to be more aware if he wasn’t conscious about his look before. And suddenly he started going to the gym every day, trying hard to shape his body. He is also trying new hairstyles and clothing styles often. Then the probability is high that he is doing all of these for another lady.

Of course, it’s not necessary that he is having an affair, but there is nothing wrong to be sure.

His Body Has Suspicious Marks

If you find suspicious marks on your husband’s body and you are clueless about those, then he may be cheating on you with another lady.

Maybe he has the marks on his body for some accidents or scratches. But you can’t ignore them, because the scratches can also be an indication that he is in a relationship with someone other than you. Therefore, you should take the scratches seriously and directly discuss them with your husband.

He Avoids Eye Contact

Eye contact is the most pure way to show love. And when your husband is cheating with you, he will avoid eye contact because of his guilt. As he knows he is breaking your trust and cheating you with someone else, it becomes tough for him to maintain eye contact during conversations.

Another reason he will avoid eye contact is because he has to constantly lie and make up stories to hide his affair. He is afraid that you will catch his lies. 

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