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The short answer is no you can’t.

Many rumours have been spread over the years of how to get a false pass on a lie detector test.

Maybe you have heard some?

  • Put a tack in your shoe and press down on it.

  • Move at certain parts of the test.

  • Alter your breathing when answering.

  • Change your heart rate. (Really?)

  • Clenching your anus. (That’s enough now)

These tricks simply don’t work. The examiner and the the equipment will detect these actions. The test will be stopped if the person being questioned continues to try and mislead the results and their report will then state that they were purposefully not co-operating, which is a strange way for a person to behave when they are attending a voluntary appointment to prove their honesty. Some would be forgiven for believing that it was simply an attempt to avoid detection. Innocent people will not try to mislead the examiner and the equipment.

Our examiners all go through extensive training to work with the equipment to ensure they are getting the best results for the client. A person may think they only have to fool the equipment, forgetting about the fully trained examiner sat in front of them.

Many tests will be cancelled due to last minute confessions of truth. Following through with booking a lie detector test can sometimes be enough to make a dishonest person suddenly very honest.

The truth is like the sun, the moon and the stars, it can’t be hidden for long

If you have any questions or you need to book a test, please contact us via email or telephone.

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