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The question requires a little more thought as this is not like buying a car, your personal lives are at steak.

We have broken down the key points for you:

#1 You need to have confidence in who you are booking with

We under the guidance of Mike Rumble are a team of accredited examiners working with clients directly. We do not work with any agencies and focus on delivering a high quality, professional and most importantly ‘accurate’ service for our clients. Mike Rumble is the founder and Managing Director of the company. He, together with every examiner employed by us, are members of the British Polygraph Association, British and European Polygraph Association and our accreditation’s extend further to the globally renowned American Polygraph Association.

We are experienced in handling private cases as well as more complex matters and our experience in addition to our skills make us who we are. Integrity and respect for our clients is at the forefront of our approach.

#2 There are rogue operators in the market

Several years ago and with a growing number of online enquiries for people looking for tests in the UK, there was the emergence of some rogue agencies and also companies offering a fake lie detector test report. This was very damaging initially for professionals such as ourselves as and we had many clients come to us claiming they had been duped and they felt either the test that was conducted seemed wrong in some way or in some cases no one actually showed up. There was a lot of conference with the examiners that are qualified in the UK and we decided that we need to be clear in letting people know that these companies exist.

Some of these companies have now appeared to have faded away whilst others continue to operate with underhand tactics, so again we ask that you be mindful of such operators and please contact us if you are unsure. A glossy website or being high on google can often be the work of fraudsters so it best to do some research and check out their social media feeds e.g. facebook and LinkedIn to see if they are real people rather than stock images.

#3 Paying over £600 in any case for a single test!

The issue sometimes is that because your matter is so critical to your life that you want to make sure the lie detector test is accurate. In the market there are a number of agencies with very relevant website names and professional looking image so you may assume the analogy of buying a car. Let me explain, so in most cases if you paid more for a vehicle then you would expect that you get a better quality of car but unfortunately with the polygraph industry and because of the rogue agencies this is not the case. As we explained above, we are accredited examiners and deal with our client directly so there is no savvy agency in the middle charging our clients fees just to then refer the work on. Most of our standard private tests cost £495 per person and that does not change if you are at home or come to one of our offices.

It is simply the price for our professional time to conduct the test in the same manner we would for any other person/business that required our services. When we are testing couples or groups of people then the price is considerably less per person as we are able to conduct certain elements collectively hence saving time and then passing the saving back to our client in the form of a discount.

#4 Paying under £350!

The alarm bells should ring if you are offered a lie detector test at a ridiculously low price and if they then also suggest they are free and can do it as soon as you need it. This really is where there are as in any industry people who are not accredited with the British Polygraph Association or with the American Polygraph Association and are simply trying to leverage the distress you are under to make a quick gain. The advice and test that they conduct (if at all they show up!) is likely to be engineered with purely a motive to make a financial gain from you.

#5 Do your research

Make sure in any case you do your research into the examiner(s) that will conduct the test. There was a big issue last year where many of the rogue agencies posted negative reviews on the business listings on google of many legitimate polygraph examiners. This was a ploy to trick the market and we would always recommend that you check the register of examiners on the website is for the BPA and APA to make sure you know who you are dealing with. The link are available on our website also.

#6 Final Thoughts

In providing this information we want to further help potential clients understand that it is better to do some research and make an informed decision before you commit to booking a test just as you would do your research when buying a car. If you have any questions at all or even want to check with us on test that may have been conducted previously then please feel free to contact us confidentially by email or phone.


P: 0203 9651755

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