Truth Prevails as Lie Detector Test helps Manchester Client with Infidelity Matter

When our Manchester client called she described herself as being “between a rock and a hard place”. She worked in Manchester City Centre as a cleaner and was not a high wage earner but she intended to sort out her life with the results of a polygraph test and was committed to booking a test.

Her employment in Manchester City Centre involved her mixing with a diverse group of work colleagues and employees of the premises in which she cleaned and this had led to her present partner accusing her of having sexual encounters with one or more of them. There were a number of “alarm bells” ringing in my ears as I listened to the client’s story.

Our company prides itself on the high standard of client care we provide and indeed, should be provided by any professional polygraph examiner. That care starts at the very beginning of our relationship with the client, which is often their initial telephone call to enquire about the service or to book an appointment. It is extremely important that sufficient details are obtained from the prospective client about the issue they would want to resolve using the polygraph.

When you make that initial contact with our company you speak directly with a fully qualified examiner who will evaluate your situation having asked for full disclosure of the entire scenario and any outside issues that may affect the outcome or suitability of the examinee to take the test. This is critical to the outcome of a test procedure and is why we do not use third party call centres or agencies to handle our client enquiries.

We also consider from the information given, if the examinee is being mentally abused (gas lighted etc) or is at risk of being physically abused. We include the warning in our terms and conditions that any suspicion of any form of abuse will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Our Manchester client had given me reason to be concerned that she was being abused, manipulated by her partner. As the story slowly unfolded she explained that she had left her family in Leeds and moved to Manchester to work. She moved from Leeds to be away from her dominating father, who had once forced her to sit in Leeds City Centre begging, so he could have the money to take to the pub.

She had met her partner at a Christmas company social event when both of their employers booked the same festive venue. He came from Stockport, Manchester and was a manager in a recruitment business. As the evening went on the couple exchanged mobile numbers and at the end of the evening they parted with a kiss.

The couple met two over the Christmas holiday and then again in early January when for the first time in her life she had intercourse. She fell in love with him, even accepting he was a married man. Over the next few weeks he became more demanding sexually and critical and controlling of whom she spoke to on social media and at work and regularly accusing her of having sexual contact with other men.

The Manchester client assured me that she was not going to continue the relationship, which she knew from the start (in hind sight) was wrong to commence and was controlling and toxic. She wanted the pleasure of handing the polygraph report to him confirming her fidelity before ending the relationship once and for all.

Our Manchester client attended our Manchester office and clearly passed the examination, confirming her earlier statement. Clearly confident throughout and she couldn’t wait to hand the report to her now to be ex-partner.

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